A teenager’s life

Jan 4, 2019-

Teenage is the period in which an individual grows from a child to young adult. This period is also known as adolescence. It is an exciting period of life where different physical, emotional and social changes occurs in a person. A teenager, or a teen, is a young person whose age falls within the range from 13-19. They are called teenagers because their age number ends with ‘teen’.

It’s the crucial time of one’s physical and psychological development. Teenage is also the age in which individuals want to try different new activities which help in their development in different fields. It is the crucial period in every individual’s life as they can’t take correct decision without support. During this time, everyone wants to get popular among friends and this can lead to bad company. During such period, an individual usually has enthusiastic behaviour towards a particular thing and develops a hobby. If one is not able to remain patient and handle what they are undergoing in terms of the changes through experiences during the time, it could result in misfortune as well. In this period, if we move ahead in a wrong path, then we may suffer a lot throughout our life.

Teenagers think in a different way. During these years of life, one is sensitive and may even be easily persuaded, even to carry out wrong things if not guided and counseled properly. It is also the time when one may overestimate themselves as the age makes them think that they can accomplish everything. So, it is the time when one needs to remain careful in every step. A wrong path can lead to life ruining decision.

Teenagers need proper care and careful handling by seniors. Especially at school, they should be dealt with care. They should be encouraged to participate in creative activities so that the mind is occupied with productive thoughts. Even in home, parents need to take better care in regards to their daily undertakings and be a little more watchful. Although sometimes even I hold a secret or two from my parents and teachers, I try to be cautious as much as I can to stay away from harm’s way.


- Sakar Mishra

Grade 8

Millsberry School, Lazimpat

Published: 04-01-2019 08:19

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