Social Media: a boon and a curse

Jan 4, 2019-

The online platforms that help people connect, build networks and share information and knowledge are called social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are some of the most commonly used social media. Some online video games such as Clash of Clans, Fortnite, World of Warcraft are also connecting youngsters and gamers throughout the world through their gaming platforms. They can be a great source of entertainment but at the same time, they have their respective advantages and disadvantages too.   

Social media can be the best platform for teenagers like us to develop our creativity and explore the world. Various hidden talents can be introduced just with the help of social media. It caters a very inexpensive and easy method to showcase our talents and achieve our goals in life. Various international conference calls and meetings can also be held using Skype and other messengers. But on the other side, cyber bullying, sharing inappropriate pictures and messages creates a great problem which can lead to become one of the greatest obstacles in a teenager’s life. Teenagers, being unaware about various cyber ethics and rules can unintentionally end up getting involved in different cybercrimes and criminal activities. Parents have a great role in making their children aware about the pros and cons of social networking sites and media.

To avoid such situations, one should always keep passwords and log-in details private and should not share it with friends or strangers. Logging out of the public devices is one of the things one should never forget. Even small mistakes committed now can be reasons for disasters in the future.

In addition, excessive usage of internet affects one’s health adversely. Engaging in social media reduces people’s time to engage in different physical and outdoor activities. Internet also push teenagers like us to remain isolated, lazy and can be the reason for the obesity too.

Though social media can be beneficial and fruitful if we use it wisely, it can turn out to be the biggest curse if we use it carelessly. Schools should conduct programmes to raise awareness about the disadvantages of excessive or careless use of social media, as nowadays internet has become one of the basic requirements in this world of digital technologies.

Social media have changed the way we talk and socialise. Students are now able to gather information more effectively and fast. Social media can also change the way how we perceive the world, both in a good and bad way. Even school students have their own Facebook profiles, which helps them to share educational information and ideas, learn new things through different ways and can enhance their knowledge. But on the other side, this also results in poor sleeping pattern in youngsters.

It is also somehow responsible for poor performance in schools and lack of concentration.  Therefore, social media should be used wisely and should be properly supervised for younger users.


- Leenam Uprety

Grade 9

Kavya School

Published: 04-01-2019 08:16

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