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In the name of politics

- Guffadi

Jan 5, 2019-

It seems that one can get away with murder, win election, go into hiding and meet the country’s Prime Monster in a foreign land and then come back, surrender, stay in jail and then take the oath of office as one of our lawmakers and then go back to jail and wait for the government to hopefully withdraw the case soon. How on earth can a person who is in jail take the oath of office as a member of the House?

It seems that our netas do not need to follow the laws of the land.

After all, this is New Nepal where anything is possible as long as you do it in the name of politics. Yes, one of our Madhesi netas is right when he says our Emperor and his so-called movement killed thousands of civilians and security personnel and he gets to be our Prime Monster and the government treats Resham dai as a criminal.

This is wrong. Resham dai should not be in jail. He should be freed and at least be made a mantri. Yes, let us not feel sorry for the police wallahs who lost their lives in Tikapur. We have not felt sorry for our security personnel who died during the so-called civil war, why feel sorry for Tikapur or for any such incidents that may occur in the future?

I think Nepal Police gets a bad rap for all the problems in this land. Let us not blame the police wallahs for the missing 33kg gold because our gold smugglers have the power and the money to transfer our police officers and even block their promotions because we all know very well that our netas have taken a cut from these smugglers.

We now can also suspect that the people involved in the Nirmala murder case are powerful folks and they are being protected by our netas as well. Nepal Police can solve criminal cases with very minimal resources but they seem to be hopeless in these two big cases that have rocked the country since last year. Our IGP Saheb is already tired and seems to be handcuffed by political pressure to do nothing. Let us feel sorry for him.

Once again, Nepal Airlines is in the news and our current mantri, the previous ones and hakim sahebs seem to be involved in taking home billions of Rupees as commissions for buying the planes. This is not a new story. We all know that our netas, hakim sahebs and con artists need the commissions whenever our government buys anything—be it planes, notebooks or pens.

This is the land where the government is broke but our civil servants and our netas make billions of rupees and invest their ill-gotten wealth in apartments, gas stations and other real estate projects in the West. And here at home, they do invest in media, mega marts and mansions but in the name of their wives, cousins and even drivers. But at the end of the day, our mantris rarely go to jail except a few. Our hakim sahebs rarely go to jail except a dozen and the nation loses billions of dollars every year from corruption by these chors.

Oli Ba is not having a good year.

He should have consulted an astrologer like Deuba does. Maybe he should have allowed Prachanda, our great Emperor to head the first part of their show instead. Today, Oli looks like a con artist while our Emperor looks like a saint because he doesn’t have to take any responsibility of the nataks of this government yet. In a year and half, our Emperor will once again be our Prime Monster. Let us see how he performs when he gets to live in Baluwatar for the third time. Will he be a changed man and finally see the light? Nope. He will just be the same and will do all he can to help his cadres, cousins and contractors. After all, he is a politician and not a social worker. He is not here to change this country for good. He is just another politician who has come this far by selling us his dream which has turned into a nightmare and will haunt us for many decades to come.

Let us not blame Oli or Prachanda or Deuba for the problems in this land. Let us blame India because it’s easy to blame our chimeki than blame ourselves. If it were not for the Desis, we would still be under the Shree Tins. We would have a thousand more palaces in the valley and we could now turn it into boutique hotels and earn millions from tourists.

We could still have been under the rule of House of Shah if it were not for our chimeki. Gyanu Uncle would still be gracing the Jatras in the valley and some of us would still brag about our ‘Gorkha Dakshin Bahu’. If it were not for the Desis then we would not have our Prachanda Emperor or our great blockade nataks that benefited no one.

Yes, the road to Singha Durbar is not in Dillibazar but in Delhi. When Delhi decides, our netas reconcile but when we the people take to the streets and demand justice for Nirmala, our netas tell us that we are stooges of the opposition or foreign hands. Maybe, we should all go to Delhi, and carry out our protest programmes there and only then our government will have the courage to take action against their own cadres, cousins and contractors.

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Published: 05-01-2019 09:04

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