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Jan 8, 2019-

Dear Aunt,

I don’t have a huge problem but it has been bothering me for a while. Recently, I got my bachelor’s degree from a reputed college in Kathmandu. I have always been an ambitious person since my early days so even when my friends chit-chatted at leisure time, I would either work on my self-projects or find myself a job that would at least cover my basic expenses. Now that I have an undergraduate degree in my hands and a CV, I wanted to join a master’s programme right away without having a year gap. I’m also working at a renowned company where I get paid well for my efforts and it’s also flexible to manage my time for studies and work. So I decided to study here and applied for a course at Tribhuvan University. Unfortunately, I couldn’t pass the entrance examinations and my dreams of studying there were shattered.

After not being able to get in there, my family and peers suggested that I apply abroad instead. Initially, I was quite hesitant but after thinking it over for a while, I felt like I should try for foreign universities where I can have a wide range of subjects to choose from. However, I can’t make up my mind yet, as I’m both attached and hungry to learn more at my current workplace. I don’t know if I can give up my job right away. I wanted to study in Nepal only because I could work as well. Now, if I decide to go abroad, I’ll have to kiss goodbye to this job and somehow it’ll be hard to depend upon my parents to send money for my expenditure. I’m confused what to do now. Please help me, aunt.


Dear Saras,

Prior to taking any steps further, here are some things you need to ask yourself. Why do you want this master’s degree? Is it to get a better job in the future, or to get promoted at your current job? Do you see yourself working at the same company even after a few years? If this isn’t just about the job and you want to take it for your own knowledge, why do you want to be enrolled in that specific course? As your aunt, I’m concerned about what do you see yourself making out of this master’s programme once you’re done with it. Education has become an expensive investment. You’re not paying just a few lakhs or crores for the degree, but time, effort, and even your mental and physical health. Now that you’ve come so far in your educational journey, you must have an idea of how rigorous the whole process is. And if you’re wise, you wouldn’t want to waste your investment on a topic that doesn’t concern you at all. But if you’re interested, then you should be willing to take chances like giving up your current position to gain more knowledge on topics and issues that will benefit you in the future. You might not find a similar opportunity once you go abroad but your good results can help you get even better positions in Nepal if you decide to work here or find better ones even there once you’re graduated.

If you are satisfied with your current knowledge, then you can continue the job and aim for a Master’s degree here just because you want to have it included in your CV. But if you’re hungry to explore more, then take the chances—it could be worth it all. But that also depends upon how you decide to implement later. Listen to your conscience and your hunger for knowledge. Good luck!

Published: 08-01-2019 08:18

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