I’m no slave

Jan 11, 2019-


Born to the streets, I belong to my master

I don’t know who my mother was, whether or not I have a father

A slave I am they say, sold to the masters as far as I can remember

Knew not what love was, for all I knew, the masters I should not anger

Chains and hunger is all I have ever known

My chains became my dolls and hunger my companion

I had no name, nowhere to go or no place to call home

Hardship and pain never left me alone

Every time I close my eyes, I see nothing but darkness

No dreams, no goals, no ambition, no vengeance

My master, a noble man, I heard

But for me, he was to be feared

He abused me like I was meant for men to devour

He beat me like I was born in debt, meant for him to torture

It was the same, day in and day out

Every day I wanted to leave, run away and shout

I hated him and every other master who ever owned me

They suffocated me, told me I would never be free

Until one day, I couldn’t take it anymore

Thanks to all the gifts of my master, my body had gone weak and sore

He had a dagger on the table and keys to my chains

It was my only chance of breaking free from all my pains

I freed myself, grabbed the dagger and ran as fast as my limbs could take me

I ran until I thought my master’s guards couldn’t see

I was still running and then I stopped all of a sudden

The pain was excruciating, and my rags had blood in it

I was shot in the back with an arrow

I slumped in the sand, deep and low

‘Don’t save my life’ I begged, I lived the life of a slave, I wish to die free

Masters may change, but I don’t want to come back and see

For I am no slave, my freedom is all I wanted

But look what it got me, I got hunted!

- Princila Budaprithi

Grade 9

St. Xavier’s School, Godavari

Published: 11-01-2019 08:57

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