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Who will see my heart?

- Supriya Khadka

Jan 16, 2019-


All sorts of men, who come to me

Just want to devour my body.

But no one even attempts to see,

What my heart is like inside.

My heart, how frightened it is

From the monsters that haunt the place I live in

How terrible it feels,

when there are bruises on my body

How much it cries,

 when I am treated like a plaything, not like a human;

How badly it wants freedom

How desperately it has been waiting,

To see the outer world

I wish someone could behold my heart

I wish someone could feel it

But who will do that?

Who will notice the pain of that girl

Having no self respect?

Who will sense the fear of the girl,

Not frightened to sacrifice her body to an unknown?

Who will see the heart of the girl

who is forced to put her own body for sale ?

No one will, I know no one will!

- Khadka is a grade 11 student at St. Xavier’s College

Published: 16-01-2019 08:11

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