Enjoying life

Jan 18, 2019-

Life consists of two main paths—happiness and sadness. I believe we should live as carefree as possible, enjoying every moment instead of immersing in melancholy. We also should be grateful for all the sad moments in our life as they teach us valuable lessons.

If we get consumed with ourselves, we will never improve and grow. We can’t make changes in our lives if we never spend time with our loved ones. We will never have time to do things we will really enjoy doing.

Most of our lives, we are busy simply because we allow ourselves to be. A person can be less successful than us, but they may be enjoying life more.

Life becomes enjoyable as soon as we put joy in it. We don’t have to wait for any occasion to celebrate the beauty of life.

It is also important to be honest and open. It takes a lot of strength to be who we are. We don’t need to change ourselves to please others. Life is too precious to waste it on someone else’s demand.

We also need to forgive ourselves for the errors we make but we also need to learn from them. The mistakes we make may also make us stronger. But we need to make sure that we never repeat them again.

However, instead of enjoying life and its gems, people have now started to run after money and luxury. People may even think money is more necessary than

happiness. We can see that money can buy us many things but not joy. It may buy us a bed, but not sleep. It may buy us delicious food, but not hunger. It may buy us a perfect house, but not a family.

We deserve to be happy and live our life, our way. If we are sensitive to the people around us, we will be happier in life.

- Nupur Phuyal

Grade 7

Aksharaa School

Published: 18-01-2019 08:35

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