New Year’s resolutions for dummies

Jan 18, 2019-

Every year we all have a long list of resolutions which we promise to achieve. Many of us made the list at the beginning of this year too like the year before. How often do we ask ourselves—did the goals have any impact in our lives or did we even abide by them?

I am one of those people who make resolutions but fail to stick to it year round. The first few days are the only days when we are serious about the goals. The running joke for the New Year’s resolution has to be the increase in gym membership in January. So, is making these resolutions just a joke? Is there no way that we can make them fruitful and functional?  I personally don’t think making resolutions is a bad idea but we should not make unachievable resolutions. We also should not commit to them just because it is a trend and we are just following what our friends have been doing. We will never wholeheartedly follow them or stick to them in such cases.

It is important to make relatively smaller goals—it would be practical to make weekly or monthly goals. By doing so, we can easily track our progress. This way we may even strictly abide by our goals. If we really want to achieve something, perseverance is the key to accomplishing our goals.

I have seen many people obsessed about a slimmer body or fairer skin and they build their goals around these very things. But isn’t it more important to be a genuine person than to be an attractive one?

If these things are considered, I think we will have a good year ahead of us.

- Anupa Khanal

Grade 10

LRI School

Published: 18-01-2019 08:40

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