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Jan 22, 2019-

First of all, I would like to thank Mr Sanyukta Shrestha for his historical article (‘What really happened’, TKP Online, January 18th, 2019). I would like to request the reference number of the document so I (and other interested history-lovers) may visit British libraries for research. The article would have been more authentic if you provided either  the reference number or a small picture of the documents. Secondly, of course that was war and not a social ceremony. 

The war tactics and battles are very different from writing novels, histories, and making films. Blockade, encirclement, hijacking, kidnapping, making water shortage , killing by enemy troops, house burnings were permissible forms of war culture  in olden days and presents days too (if you analyse the US’s war on terror). I also would like to suggest for you to refer to the theories of war strategists. That was a time with theory of kill as many enemies and destroy as many properties as possible—hence the principle ‘Every thing is fair in love and war’, which was popular up to World War II. And the same theory applies to non-International conflicts too. Nobody could compare the war period of those days to the present human rights era. Finally, I also would like remind you of the Nepalese Maoist’s war tactics of 21st century—a bloody struggle within Nepal. 

The on-going US Army’s  ‘War on Terror’ is also another example of the human costs of war. Hence, it is important to come out from the hangover of the Prithivi Narayan’s war tactics.  In the history that I have read, the British scholars did not support the national integrity of Nepal at that time and every bit of Anglo- Nepalese history was censored and written as the British Army wanted. In other words, those were almost from hostile mindsets.  In fact, it is true to be puzzled with their war tactics for civil scholars  but they come at no surprise for  military historians. I also stand  against loss of life, properties and heritages from the war if possible. Hope to get my response from the author. 


Brigadier General Dr Prem Singh Basnyat (Retd), Bansbari,Kathmandu

Published: 22-01-2019 06:44

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