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A wave stirring my mind

- Namu Timilsina

Feb 6, 2019-

Why are there so many miseries in life?

 Why are some people so strong and most of us so weak?

 Why are there so many barriers that deviate us from the path to the peak?

 Why do people boast so much about the worldly possessions? Isn’t that very pathetic?

 Why many people are sybaritic while few are ascetic?

 Why nowadays there is no difference between the ignorant and blind?

 Is there a word still remaining somewhere in ourselves so called as kind?

 What is happiness? In my view its just avoiding sadness;

 What is sadness? So many explanations but in short which steal from our

lives; the brightness.

 What is truth?what is lie? Jesus! The answer is as difficult as

counting the digits after decimals in a pi.

 Why there are so many miseries in our life?

 I always wonder why we keep yearning that our life is very hectic!

 Yeah, we always keep on pointing flaws in others being so skeptic.

 Oh yes! We do so but still the same question: “why?”

 Where are the jokes which used to make us laugh without offending


 I don’t know but may be the silence is better than the nonsense talks

which bothers.

 What is friendship? Some people say it’s a treasure while for others

it’s just meaningless.

 Well these questions are driving me to a never ending pit.

 What is death? Why do some exhausted people, don’t care but some

hedonists consider it as a nightmare?

 What is time? Why do we keep worrying about past, present and future?

Oh! To answer all these questions where do I get a tutor?

 Why are these boisterous thoughts disturbing my mind? God give my eyes

some dreams and be so kind!

 Still one inevitable question is arousing giving a feel like a cut from

a knife! Why are there so many miseries in life?


Timilsina studies at Eastern RegionalCampus

I.O.E., Dharan

Published: 06-02-2019 11:13

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