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Mamma Mouse


Feb 6, 2019-

The early chill of wintry night

Wrecked dampness in the house

“Oh the fire has gone out,”

Said the mamma mouse

With a gloomy countenance she

Glanced beneath her fur

Lying on the mouse-bed were

Four pinkies emerged from her


Squeaking and squealing they

Crumpled under her tum

So very willing to enter to

The place they emerged from

Mamma mouse, like a golden bloom

Conveyed attar to their soul

Her rose-like tender love for them

Made them try to grip the whole


So, into this wintry night

In dampness of the house

Which was but a middling mousehole

Lived this mamma mouse

Strength lay strewed in its

Every bantam bone

It did every giant task

With probity of its own


Yet that night it happened that

In the coldness of the ice

As they on the mouse-bed crumpled

Mamma mouse and baby mice

Mamma mouse was struck with

A jamming of the arm

“Alas ! Alas ! it moves not!

Keep me out of harm!”


In wishing so, the mamma mouse

Expected in the damp

That her little pinkies four

Would cure her groggy cramp

Struggled she with her arm went numb

Screaming to her pinkies four

“I must live for you, newborns dear,

Help me with this sore”


And in the twinkling of an eye

The numbness did die out

Mamma mouse in her dewy eyes

Did exultantly shout,

“I had it that I was valiant

Protecting newborns on my own,

But they protected me instead

With something I have never known!”


Karna is a student of Masters in Urban Planning at IOE, Pulchowk Campus

Published: 06-02-2019 11:13

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