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Walking alone

- Raman Budhathoki

Feb 6, 2019-

Not only children but even adult Nepalis seem to depend on each other to visit the washroom. I’m pretty sure we’ve encountered those people who seek company simply to go to washroom. You may be wondering what’s so peculiar about this. But it’s only one of those things that makes us aware of the extent to which we are dependent on someone else.

In fact, it is these small instances that lead to bigger ones. The problem is not in being amicable and accompanying ones who are close to us but in being too contingent and clingy upon someone else, which stimulates us subconsciously to be prone to emotional ordeals when we later become desolate.

When was the last time you took a serious decision about your life or did something productive and who were you with back then? Perhaps you took the decision alone and certainly not amongst a crowd. You probably took the decision as a consequence of hours of comprehension. We must have felt for at least once that at the end of the day, it is us and only us who has to work out whatever we are up to. This is like a self-study before the big exam, irrespective of the lengthy lectures and group studies we attend throughout the semesters.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to cut all the strings to our relations, be they friendship or avocation. What it means is that we should not fear walking alone. We can’t deny the fact that there may be times at which we need someone to simply be there--not to fix or do anything particular, but just to let us feel we are supported and cared for, but is it certain that the person you lean on today will be there for you tomorrow as well? Maybe not. So, before we frantically lean on someone, we must think at least once if not twice.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said beautifully that “Nothing can bring you peace but yourself”. The world exists as we perceive and feel it, and it is the inner peace that we need to have if we are to perceive the world as a place where love resides. So it is no one but us who can bring that on oneself. Inner peace begins at the very moment you refrain from setting people behind the wheels of your emotions. So why make yourself assailable to the acts of someone whom you met just yesterday? Bring people close to your heart but not so close that they disturb your inner peace.

Walking on your own doesn’t necessarily mean that you are lonely. You are lonely only when you long for someone else. I sometimes get surprised by the colour of my ceiling when I lie down thinking—at that moment, it seems to me the most beautiful thing ever. Sometimes the most beautiful things in our daily lives or in nature have been hiding just because they are unnoticed.

Maybe it’s time for you to feel that burn on the sunset and smell the aroma of the night air, maybe it’s time for you to set your inner core with your lost self, maybe it’s time for you to walk alone.

Budhathoki is a pursuing an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kathmandu University

Published: 06-02-2019 11:13

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