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Feb 8, 2019-

What’s our prime mistake? I think it is that we think about the same people all the time and dwell in the past. Even if the people had left long ago, they linger in our memories, creating wounds without knowing scars. Don’t even dare let yourself drown; just let float effortlessly on the vast surface, with incomplete paths paved, which neither lead you to the beginning nor the end. Just more than mediocre and less than great heights, but still beautiful it is, to not be bothered about either vast surfaces or depths. Being out there, able to encounter both things which are over and below you. Just being in your tiny, tingly, world is beautiful. You know, your life might be devastating right now but it doesn’t mean there’s nothing that you can smile about. You’ve got a life and that’s the greatest thing that you’ve got to cherish. You’ve got time: time to rest, time to clear the mess up, time to learn, to connect the dots, and even to travel far enough to achieve your dreams, goals and desires. And, when you look back, you’ll realise it was more than just a minute, more than just a word, a look, a smile or even a victory. You will realise that it was just feelings, memories and smiles that you gave, got and shared that really counted.

In fact, time is just an illusion that humans created. Some people feel old at 18 while others feel young at 80. Being young is just about letting your soul grow: being free and learning things.

Don’t just dwell on the past, in those ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, just remember that whatever you think might not be

what is suitable, true or reliable, or not even that important.

The thing is to feel free to be who you really are from the inside. Remember you’re an angel child: don’t ever think of losing your childish, crazy, immature and naive soul while participating in this competitive world. And what about the prizes and awards that you have been rewarded for being truthful and helpful. And about the notes you got for being someone who inspired lives and made a difference.

Remember, you’re powerful, worth it and so much better beyond measure—someone who carries

capabilities that are the things which the eyes can’t see. Just be a happy soul. You the child of your holy lord, don’t get busy clarifying yourself to those who don’t move an inch to understand or hear you.

Also, keep in mind that you are a sailor and your work is to sail in the right direction rather than in impressing the crocodiles.

Shreya Gautam

Grade 9

Reliance International Academy

Published: 08-02-2019 13:18

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