The universe inside my mind


Feb 8, 2019-

Today, I am sitting near the window under the sizzling spell of the night, observing the calm sky filled with glowing stars in it. I can compare it to my mind—a calm sky with my silent thoughts and the twinkling stars with deep-seated topics. Oh, a star just fell and crashed near my eyes. No, it wasn’t that dangerous, but it was shimmering and its name was sleep.

Sleep’s best friend was dream, the next star. They used to always be together, but now, sleep is gone as it crashed down, but the dream is still twinkling. Dream also wants to go down with sleep but he doesn’t know the way; he is still searching. Anyway, dream is busy and I am also finding the way to bring it down. I am working hard to bring the dream down to reality. I am so busy that I can’t find sleep, which I know is still there near my eyes. I want to gift sleep to dream to help dream find its way.

Though, sleep has gone, I need to encourage dream to stay in my mind and not go anywhere. Many other little stars are also twinkling. There is a sound—some stars are fighting and I quickly put my two hands over my ears so that dream can’t come out from one end without finding sleep.

I don’t know how to stop the disaster occurring inside my mind. I can see and hear the dream screaming and crying, because he can’t find his best friend. He starts irritating me.

Again, ‘peep! peep!’, the sound comes and my eyes just open. Heavenly God, sleep has released my body was dreaming all along. It was the most irritating nightmare I’ve ever had. I rushed to drink water and it was already 8 am. I had wasted my time so badly. Now I don’t want to waste it anymore. All I need is to turn my dreams into reality.

Shreya Uprety

Grade 10

Grammar Public Secondary School

Published: 08-02-2019 13:18

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