Climate change and its effect

Feb 15, 2019-

The earth is the only living planet among all the planets according to the scientists. It has all the favourable conditions consisting of air, water, appropriate environment, climate, soil, and vegetation for living beings to survive. Among all the major components found in the earth, climate is one of the most important phenomenon.

Climate is external and physical situation of a region which changes in a particular interval of time. As people are completely dependent to climate, the change in climate brings changes in peoples’ behaviour too. For example, we all know about seasonal and off seasonal fruits. Litchi is found only in summer season and orange is found only in winter season. This is all due to climate.

People are not so conscious in the context of protecting and preserving the good climatic situation. Most of us are aware that there are atmospheric layers surrounding the earth’s surface. These layers protect us from harmful ultra-violet rays. Due to the exploitation of nature and excessive pollution from different human activities, these protective layers have been compromised. The possibility of humans suffering from disease is amplified due to the atmospheric layers getting thinner.

Climate change has been a cross cutting issue throughout the globe.  Due to urbanisation and industrialisation, there is a negative impact on the environment as well as on the health of people. Additionally, these development activities are exploiting the natural resources rapidly which further leads to environmental depletion. People say each and everything in this world has pros and cons, and merits and demerits. But the problem of climate change does not have a single merit.

Humans have been putting themselves in a lot of danger due to climate change. But due to climate change, forest fires occur and biodiversity is affected.

So, to prevent ourselves from the various illnesses due to environmental degradation, we need to make conscious effort to minimise climate change. As the earth and its climate is the reason we are able to have a life, it’s our great responsibility to preserve the environment. So, let us all come together and combat against the problem of climate change.  

Sambida Wagle

Grade 10

LRI School

Published: 15-02-2019 11:34

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