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The coldest night


Feb 20, 2019-

This is the story of a silent girl

Whose life became a broken bowl.


It was a dark night

Weather was cold outside

Air was blowing silently

Snow was falling smoothly.

She was sinking into the weather

Dreaming about her future

 Feeling alone in his absence

While staying in a chhau shed

Lying on the ground without a bed

Which was 200 metres away from home

If something happened suddenly, no one could come.

She was thinking about her potential lord

And wanting to spend each month’s four difficult days

By embracing with his arms

By holding his palms

By touching his cheeks

By kissing his lips.

Suddenly, a group of unidentified boys came

Whose faces were covered with masks

Didn’t get a chance to something ask

Played with her body until they got tired

Hips and breasts were admired.

Her eyes were covered with black shawl

 Mouth was covered with hand

She was lying with empty mind

They played with her body turn by turn

Till she lost consciousness.

Few hours later

When she came back

No one was there

Clothes were torn

She found herself naked

The chhau shed was drenched with blood.

Spent the whole night bursting into tears

Couldn’t share that pain with anyone because of fears

Mind was loaded with pain

She lost whatever she wanted to gain

She was only 15 years old

That was the fourth day of her menstruation period

Dark night seized her

That was the coldest night of her entire life.

Mali is pursuing a Master’s Degree in English Literature at Tribhuvan University

Published: 20-02-2019 10:09

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