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Mar 12, 2019-

Dear Aunt,

When I first got hired at my current workplace, it was the happiest day of my life. I always dreamt of working in this company. But now, it has been eight months and yet, I have been handling my department all alone by myself. It was exciting at first to look after things and to know that all the major decisions are in my hands. I spent most of the initial months living my dream of being here so I was enjoying it without realising that I have been made to work more than what is expected of my job description.

Occasionally, I felt envious when people from other departments had so many team members and they enjoyed their time at the office while I have to bear all the pressure myself. I have been working efficiently and although I was told in the beginning of my job that the company will be soon hiring a team member for me, there is no hint of that now. I have asked the Human Resource to hire a new member at my department multiple times but they always respond with a readymade answer—they have been looking for people but haven’t been able to find a right candidate.

I was just disappointed at first but I still had hopes. But now, I’m so frustrated with my work. Although my friends from other departments are friendly and treat me very well, I have no social life outside of work. My responsibilities have been draining me down and I can’t seem to organise time for family gatherings or any other social occasions. I recognise that career is important and I like being financially independent, but at times, I feel like my mental and physical health has much more value than money or career. I have thoughts of quitting but the other part of me loves this job. I’m not sure what I want to do, aunt. Please guide me.


Dear Sushma,

You’re a human after all and there’re a limited things that you can get done even with your fully charged energy. So before anything else, you should definitely take care of your mental and physical health. According to your own account, you have been handling the pressure well so far. And maybe it’s not just you who realises that—your boss might too. If the Human Resource can’t find you at least one team member, then I’m sorry to say but the HR at your company might not be doing their job well or worse, they may be cutting the company’s cost by delegating the whole department’s work to you and you alone have been managing it so far.

I am sure the company knows this too. If your requests for a team member are going unheard then you should discuss this topic directly with your boss. Be open about your issues that you face at work and let him know your sincere concerns about your department. S/he should be the one who can and should be able to help you manage a proper time and limited work responsibility or, find a team.

There’s something one should consider before enrolling into any kind of job or activities that can hinder their daily schedules, and that is, time management. You should know when to work and when to stop. Although professionalism and career is important, you have to make sure that the other party is also returning the same favour. Do not give your life to a job because remember that in a company, no one is irreplaceable. So, it is important that you enjoy your job and your life.

Try to make ends meet with what you have while you fight for your rights. Don’t let your workplace take you for granted. Good luck!

Published: 12-03-2019 10:39

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