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Mar 19, 2019-

Dear Aunt,

I haven’t been able to sleep for a week. I only have a few days to prepare for my final examinations and I have come to realise that I know nothing. Ever since my childhood, I’ve never had good grades. My parents are constantly worried about me, but they’re also hopeful that I will improve sometime in the future. But the truth is, I’m not interested in studying. I don’t know why but I dislike books and lectures. I used to cheat a lot during my examinations and that’s how I got till grade eight. But after a teacher caught me copying a friend’s answer sheet last month, they have permanently fixed my seat in the staff room.

Now, I’m scared to think about my examination and keep wondering how to get good grades when I don’t even know the answers to the simplest questions. More than that, I feel guilty thinking of my parents and how they will react when they find out that I’ve been fooling them this whole time. I don’t know what to do, Aunt. I told myself to honestly sit for the exams this time but I can’t finish all the chapters within the next few days. There are only negative thoughts in my mind right now. I feel like dropping out of school. And if I fail, I might do that for real.


Dear Satish,

Please don’t cry over spilled milk. What has already happened can’t be changed, but you should make something of the lesson that you’ve learned. You have come to realise your mistake and that’s a good sign. It might be keeping you up at night but it is also something that’s pushing you to go for the important things you’ve been ignoring all along.

You might not like studying but it can be fun once you find your interest. Maybe it’s because you always depend on your friends and that has made you feel like it is not important to you. You’re in the eighth grade. It is not just your grades that let you be promoted to the eighth standard. It’s time for you to use your developing senses. Try to understand that you need to be educated. You need to know about things that are crucial to understand if you want to live in a society. You’re just in secondary school and you feel like giving up? Do you even know what taxes are? The things you learn in school are foundational. They’re basic and essential. Even if some might not interest you, they’re important.

There can be many reasons for your lack of interest—teaching curriculum, environment, etc—but the one that matters the most is how do you feel about being educated? These are the things you need to think after you’re done with this terminal examination.

For now, you have two options: first, be ready to study with a strategy for scoring more or second, study for yourself. But no matter what you end up choosing, your initial task is to confront your parents. No matter how these exams end, you need to let them know about being dishonest. Hearing it from someone else later might make them feel worse. The choice is ultimately yours, but here is the last thing I would like to suggest: you can save yourself now if you choose the first one but the second one will save you and your future. Good luck!

Published: 19-03-2019 10:54

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