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Mar 19, 2019-

Dear Aunt,

I was fine until I joined a college for my undergraduate studies. The first few weeks of college were so fun. I got to make new friends, explore the institution, and even got to roam the valley with my friends after classes. I had never had so much fun during my school days. But slowly I got to know what kind of people some of my friends were. I then started to dislike them and I went on to ignore them completely. At first, they were curious and acted concerned. But I was defensive and kept within my own walls. Slowly, they stopped bothering me.

I have removed them from all my social media accounts, yet I feel like they will come into my life again. I’m afraid that they most probably will, especially since we go to the same college. So, I started to miss some classes. It worked fine until I ran across them in the hallways and they tried to make conversation with me. Since then, I’ve stopped going to college. It was easy to pretend to be sick for a week but after that I could no longer lie to my parents. I just said I don’t want to go to college anymore. They got mad but I haven’t tried to explain things to them. I doubt that they will understand.

Although I can’t disclose why I don’t like my college friends, let me just say that they make me feel very uncomfortable and insecure. I don’t feel safe hanging out with them and it terrifies me to even recall the times we once spent together.

Now I’m left with a very low attendance at college and due to that, I might not be qualified to sit for the examinations. But if I think about these people, I don’t ever want to go back there again. What do I do?


Dear Pramisha,

Although I don’t know what issues you have with your college friends, from your letter, it appears as it is something very sensitive and honestly, I’m worried about you. You need to disclose your secrets, and seek help from your trustworthy adults or companions. You might not feel comfortable discussing it so openly but I would first suggest you talk to your parents about it. No matter what you’re thinking right now, they are your parents and they will only try to help you. So, even if they do scold you for your mistakes, they will be the ones to ultimately save you and help you overcome your fears.

Go ahead and let them know what is keeping you from going to college. The important thing here is not that you’re missing too many classes but what has affected your mental and emotional health. If you keep quiet about it, your issues will be buried with you forever and no solution will be forthcoming.

Now you missing college is not good and you know it. But in your case, I assume that it’s something serious that’s keeping you from going. No matter how dangerous it is for you, you can’t stay home forever. Why are you punishing yourself by restricting everything just because of some people that you never want to see? You need to seek the help that can give you the confidence to go out into the world.

Once you’re done explaining things to your parents, they will take necessary action. At some point, you’ll  have to be honest with the college to answer for your long absence. So, don’t worry, open up about your issue and trust me, things will be fine. It might take time but it surely will.

Meanwhile, focus on your studies, even at home. Take help from reference books and the internet to make sure you’re not missing out on your studies. That should help you catch up till your examinations. Good luck!

Published: 19-03-2019 10:54

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