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May 14, 2019-

Dear Aunt,

I am a 30-year-old woman. I have worked in different companies for the past nine years and I believe I am good at my job. Recently, I was recruited by a company which has a flexible work environment. I was offered a good position and the salary was also pretty decent. In the beginning, I was very excited to work with this company but fast forward to two months, I feel like I am already frustrated working here.  Despite the flexibility and decent pay, I really feel stressed and demotivated.

This is because of my direct line manager, who fails to provide clear instructions and is always irritated. He is also younger than me but he treats me unfairly. He gives a particular task without giving proper and adequate information. Due to this, we usually experience delays at work because I do not have any background information and this makes me make mistakes. Apart from that, I also make minor errors which also make me feel useless regardless of all those years of work experience I have come to gain.

I am very frustrated right now and hate working here. But I have to support myself and my daughter too. What should I do?

- Sonam

Dear Sonam,

Many people in the world can’t leave their job, no matter how much they hate it. Some suffer from monetary constraints while some have their own personal circumstances. People suffer from serious stress issues due to such state of affairs. And it’s important that they realise how valuable their mental health is before anything else.

Given that you are a caregiver to your daughter as well, resigning from the job may be a difficult option for you. But you cannot work in an environment where you feel that you are under-appreciated. So, it is important that you communicate this with your boss. He may have some issues with you that he hasn’t been communicating well, but since you are the most affected in this case, you must take the first step.

Additionally, you haven’t mentioned your other colleagues. If you have a good social life at work, you can talk to them and figure out a way. Try talking about this with your colleagues and find out how they feel about it as well. Are you the only one who’s suffering, or is he the same with everyone? Once you figure that out, you can take necessary actions.

But, foremost, you can try talking to him honestly. If you have a group, that’s even better. Sometimes, it just might be a simple misunderstanding and other times, he might not have realised his mistakes. It’s easier to function at work once you let each other know about their good and bad.

If that doesn’t work, you can talk to the Human Resource department at your workplace.  Just make sure not to be aggressive; be polite. I believe that you will overcome it. The choice is yours to make, just be sure to make your decision wisely.

About recovery, make sure to dedicate a few minutes of your time to meditate and spend some quality time with your daughter and family. If your mind still stores the frustrated energy, consider taking a little break—if that’s possible. Good luck and take care!

Published: 14-05-2019 10:57

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