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May 14, 2019-

Dear Aunt,

I am a tenth grader and currently preparing for my SEE exams. Due to this, our school has been rushing to complete our courses and it has become increasingly difficult for me to catch up. Even though all of my time is consumed on doing coursework—from early morning to late evening—I feel that I have been lagging behind my peers.

While I feel like I have been overwhelmed with my studies, I see my friends playing different video-games. I see that they have more leisure time to get involved in other extra-curricular activities too, whereas I struggle even to complete my daily homework. In order to get done with my school work, I have been copying my friends’ notes.

Now, to add to all this, our school is also organising a sports competition. All of my friends are very excited about this and are asking me to participate in the competition. If I submit my name for participation, I will have to commit to training sessions that will start from next week.

I am in such a predicament—although I want to take part in the competition, I am afraid this will hamper my studies. I am already struggling, but I don’t want to miss out on having fun with my friends either. After all, I think that my time with my friends will be more memorable than my time spent studying. But I am really confused whether my decision to juggle studies and sports is the right one or not. Please help me out.


Dear Prayas,

This is just the dawn of your life and you need to acknowledge that before anything else. I understand your struggles with your studies and your conflict about managing your time. This is just the beginning and you will have to make such choices a lot more in your life. You don’t want to miss out on all the fun with your friends, which is really normal. You’re right that making memories is more important than just hiding behind books.

After all, your Aunt was also a student back in the day and can relate to the pressure you have been experiencing to secure your academic future. But honestly, the good times I had with my friends are the memories I treasure the most. I also had to endure academic pressures from my teachers and parents. But, come to think of it, my friends and I had fun even during such pressure. Your teachers want you to have good grades for your sake. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t want you to have fun. I’m sure that even they can relate to you.

But it is also important to manage your time. You also have to understand that spending time with your friends and making memories doesn’t always have to revolve around a big event. Your studies and having fun can go hand-in-hand. You and your friends won’t be together like this ever again, especially since you will be shortly graduating and venturing into different colleges. So, it’s important to build stronger friendships as much as you can. But in the end, everything is about balance.

If you think you are struggling more than your friends then it is important that you talk to your teachers about it. You may need more time to understand or complete your coursework but you can only improve if you ask for help. About managing time, here’s one last secret I’d like to share. Work 15 minutes a day for anything extra you want to pursue. Don’t think that you don’t have time to do anything in a day. You can make a lot of things happen within 24 hours, and sparing 15 minutes a day for a task is not a big deal. For convenience, keep a timer and work on your stuff. Good luck!

Published: 14-05-2019 10:58

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