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Limiting screen use for one week may improve teenagers’ sleep

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Jun 6, 2019-

Sleep problems suffered by teenagers can be improved after just one week by limiting evening exposure to light-emitting screens on mobile phones, tablets and computers, a study suggests.

The research indicates that by reducing their exposure to blue light-emitting devices in the evening, adolescents can improve their sleep quality and reduce symptoms of fatigue, lack of concentration and mood swings after seven days. Previous studies have indicated that overexposure before bedtime to blue light emitted from devices can affect the brain’s clock and the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin, resulting in disrupted sleep time and quality.

The new research from the Netherlands found that teenagers who had more than four hours per day of screen time had sleep-onset and wake-up times on average 30 minutes later than those who recorded less than one hour per day of screen time, as well as more symptoms of sleep loss.

—The Guardian

Published: 06-06-2019 10:27

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