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Guffadi, Nov 17 2018

We are done with Tihar and yet, evil continues to rule over good in this land of ours. The only folks who have all the fun during the festive season are our hardworking civil servants, honest contractors and humble politicians.
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It seems that our ruling clowns see conspiracies everywhere. Our greatest communist government on Earth is acting more like an insecure coalition government instead of one commanding a two-third majority in the House.
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Ban everything

Guffadi, Aug 25 2018

I think we should stop criticising Oli and his courtiers for not being able to do anything good for this country in the past six months. Oli has managed to visit India and China and if all goes as planned we will have trains rolling from Kerung to Kolkata and ships from India. Forget about making billions from our hydropower. Oli is a man with a master plan. He dreams of selling our Himalayan water and we need ships to transport it to other countries.
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