Three-tier government at loggerheads over tax

  • Multiple layers of taxation have frustrated people and businesses
On August 4, a delegation of the Morang Chamber of Industries and Morang Merchant Association met Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli to discuss the issues that businesspeople in Province 1 are grappling with.
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Medicines locked in storage while patients suffer in remote districts

    ARJUN SHAH, Aug 15 2018
    Basanta Pratap Singh
    The tiny pharmacy at Dadeldhura Health Office has run out of oral rehydration salts. For months, there’s been a shortage of saline water at the district hospital in Darchula.
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    School water poisoned, 27 children taken ill

    Post Report, MORANG, Aug 15 2018
    Health workers attend to a girl at Nobel Hospital in Biratnagar. (Below) Poisoned water tank of Shree Madhyamik Vidyalaya.
    Panic broke out at Shree Madhyamik Vidyalaya in Letang Municipality-9, Morang, on Tuesday morning after children started falling sick, prompting the school to call the authorities.

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    School water poisoned, 27 children taken ill

    Post Report, Aug 15 2018
    Panic broke out at Shree Madhyamik Vidyalaya in Letang Municipality-9, Morang, on Tuesday morning after children started falling sick, prompting the school to call the authorities.
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    Malaysia to resume hiring Nepali workers

    Post Report, Aug 15 2018
    Malaysia on Tuesday said government-to-government (G2G) system would bring migrant workers from Nepal.
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    Landslide-dammed Bheri bursts with ruinous force

    Post Report, Aug 15 2018
    A landslide triggered by heavy rains briefly dammed Bheri River before it burst with a destructive force, wiping out four houses and leaving more than 100 others at risk of collapse at Tallu Bagar area in Nalgadh Municipality of Jajarkot district on Tuesday.
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    Modi set to open pilgrims’ house

    Post Report, Aug 15 2018
    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the dharmashala built at Pashupatinath during his upcoming visit to Nepal for the BIMSTEC Summit. Modi will be participating in the fourth summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation to be held in Kathmandu on August 30 and 31.
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    Expert Education and Visa Services on Sunday appointed national cricket captain Paras Khadka as its brand ambassador for three years.

    Expert Education’s chief executive Sanjiv Sharma and Khadka exchanged the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Sunday. The terms and condition of the contract however was not disclosed. Expert also organised an interaction session ‘Meet and Greet Paras’ with the cricket fans.  

    Expert Education, who has been facilitating for higher education of Nepali students in Australia, also provided cash incentives of Rs 150,000 for Star Cricket Academy of Bhairahawa which is being operated by veteran cricketer Shakti Gauchan. “Nepal recently got the One Day International (ODI) status and even won a match in the first ever ODI series (against the Netherlands). It is essential that private sector step up along with government to preserve this historic achievement. So we decided to join hands with Paras to chip in for the development of the game,” said Sharma.

    Sharma added that it was not just partnership with Khadka but a gesture to recognise the team’s recent achievement.
    Khadka lauded the role of Expert Education for development of grassroot cricket as it has been organising country-wide school and college cricket league for the last three years. “We will try to create environment for promotion of the game under this partnership,” said Khadka. “Nepali cricket has come this long on its own and now it is time for investment. Only a few years back no one would believe that Nepal would play ODI. But now it is time for everyone to realise our next dream—play Test cricket in the next 9/10 years,” added Khadka.

    During the interaction session with fans, the Nepal skipper expressed his desire to get into cricket administration the end of his playing career. “After finishing my playing career I may go to cricket administration. But it has its own process of getting to that point.” Khadka also said it was not just his interest to join the cricket administration but also a requirement given the current situation of Nepali cricket. Nepali cricket is under ICC suspension for the last two years.
    Gauchan thanked Expert Education for its effort in promotion of Nepali cricket from grassroot level. “I am running the academy for the last nine years. I made approaches with numerous organisations and companies for financial support but Expert Education is the first to listen to us and I really appreciate the gesture,” said Gauchan.

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    Fiction Park

    The Lost Generation

    BIKASH GUPTA, Aug 12 2018
    For this generation, to cave in was to once again succumb to a centuries old status quo—unjust and no longer conscionable
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    HR conference to focus on unleashing national potential

    Post Report, Aug 13 2018
    Human Resources Society Nepal (HRSN), an umbrella organisation for HR professionals in Nepal, is set to organise the seventh iteration of the National HR Conference on August 24 this year. Having explored various themes in the past—like ‘Managing People during Crisis’, ‘Employee Care for Higher Productivity’ and ‘HR for Tomorrow, Trends and Transformation’—this year’s conference is set to be themed ‘Unleash HR for National Development’.
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    Saturday Features

    Trekking towards modernity

    Kul Chandra Gautam
    In 1959, I returned home from Banaras to Amarpur. While I was there, one of my step-uncles, Baburam Aryal, came to visit. He was working in Kathmandu as a clerk in the secretariat office of Nepal’s first elected parliament and I had long conversations with him about my education and experiences in Banaras, what he was doing in Nepal’s civil service and what life was like in Kathmandu.

    Bull’s eye

    Timothy Aryal
    It’s no news that Kathmandu’s theatregoers have a penchant for slapstick humour. Give them some and they will embrace it with hearty laughs even if the execution is sometimes half-baked. This has led to, as some critics have pointed out, directors often forcibly inserting humour where it is not warranted, breaking up a play’s rhythm and taking it off into tangents.


    The far-western region of Nepal is as fascinating as it is remote. As the roads get narrower and concrete gives way to traditional mud houses, simpler way of life starts to unfold in front of your eyes. The days here move at such a relaxed pace that you are compelled to soak in the sights, sounds and smells. But this, I suppose, happens whenever you travel to new places and meet new faces.

    The masque of anarchy

    Mohan Guragain
    Qatar and Malaysia are the two foremost destinations for migrant workers from my village, Myanglung in Tehrathum. The tropical, peninsular country of Malaysia and the desert nation of Qatar have starkly different environments and are not of commensurable sizes.

    The death of justice

    We live in a ‘New’ Nepal where we’re slowly turning our backs on the rule of law and heading to the rule of the jungle. Well, our rebels have left the jungle and are now major power players. A decade of tasting ‘power’ has turned our rebels into the same old corrupt politicians they vowed to take action against during their ‘jungle fever’ days. Now, who really wants to go back to the jungle?


    Smriti Ravindra
    Parenting is a fine juggle. Take this as a point in case. There is a rage in our house and neighbourhood over a game my son and his pals have named Pen Fight. Essentially, Pen Fight is playing gucchas, or marbles, with pens-- one pen knocks another off the table, and the person with the strongest pen (read, heaviest pen) wins.

    The Hermit Painter

    Veteran painter and writer Manuj Babu Mishra died of a heart attack this week at the age of 83. Mishra was already iconic in his lifetime—his paintings enjoyed wide recognition at home and abroad while he was also a respected and prolific writer of fiction, history, and art. Manuj Babu Mishra was a celebrated polymath but also an extreme recluse who shunned the limelight. He had often referred to himself as a hermit of sorts and he breathed his last at the so-called Hermitage, his personal residence.

    Fire and water

    Astha Joshi
    When a fire engulfed the top floor of the Share Market Building in Putalisadak in February this year, it took firefighters from the City Fire Brigade (Juddha Barun Yantra) a little under twenty minutes to bring the flames under control. The building, which straddles one of the Capital’s busiest streets, was spared from major damage in part because it is located just a kilometer away from the fire station that is capable of dispatching personnel within two minutes of receiving a distress call.

    My Limited ‘Liberal Arts’ Education


    When I arrived at the campus of Brandeis University (located just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, United States) in August 1984 to start my undergraduate education, I knew only one thing about liberal arts education.