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Here’s how Muslims in Kathmandu feast during Ramadan

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims do not eat or drink during daylight hours, but once the sun is down feasts await them


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Where are you going, where have you been

There were many stories that my grandmother had to tell, even though she didn’t often get a chance to tell them all. She had stories of growing up in Bagdurbar in the Capital, before being shunted off in marriage to the backwater of Gaur, Rautahat. She had lived well when young, riding bicycles and gossiping with her sisters. And along the way, she’d learned to smoke cigarettes, at the age of 16. She would smoke regularly, not many just 4-5 cigarettes a day, for the next 73 years.

Pranaya SJB Rana, May 17 2019

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Upcycling: sanding back old furniture and rediscovering old memories

The idea for repurposing old furniture came to me after binging on YouTube DIY videos where people make it look so easy.


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One might say that travelling is fun and it broadens the mind, but it is difficult to be a perpetual outsider

In essay A Word in Favor of Rootlessness, John Daniel writes: “When human beings settle in a place for the long run, good things occur overall. But there are dangers.” We also faced one major threat: the hostility of committed dwellers-in-place.


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Informal stores operating via social media are getting away with selling fake products

Sadikshya Mishra was idly surfing through Instagram’s explore page when she came across a photo of American celebrity Kylie Jenner wearing a high neck crop top with a criss-cross design on the front. The photo, however, was not from Jenner’s official account—it had been repurposed by a Nepali online retail store, The Next Fashion House.


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Nepal’s indecision on same-sex marriage leaves couples in limbo

Today, over a decade after the Supreme Court’s verdict and four years after the committee’s report, same-sex marriage remains unrecognised, putting couples like Pant and Melnyk in limbo, with no decision in sight. Two years ago, the couple visited ministry after ministry to seek help for a spousal visa for Melnyk, before filing a case against the immigration office.


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Discarding age-old taboos, more Nepalis are eating pork

Once explicitly forbidden for these ‘upper castes’, pork has started to become a new favourite, reflecting changing attitudes and more cosmopolitan approach to the variety of cuisines available in the Kathmandu Valley, brought in by migrants from across the country.   

Thomas Heaton, Apr 27 2019

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Confronting the quake trauma

On the day of the earthquake, I was with a research team in the mid-west Nepal. We were waiting for a person inside an office building. Having just received an earthquake response training few weeks back, I was aware of the building’s vulnerability.

Ojaswi Shah, Apr 26 2019

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I attempted to grow strawberries in Kathmandu, but not all went according to plan.

A week passed, and I spent the days learning the best ways to nurture a young strawberry plant while they were struggling to be firmly rooted. Other days, I maintained a vigil over the crate they were planted in.

Prahlad Rijal, Apr 26 2019

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Meet the man behind the khattu cocktail

When Abhishek Tuladhar returned to Kathmandu in 2016, after a decade of living abroad, he’d acquired a strong taste for cocktails. But in Kathmandu, he discovered that the cocktails didn’t suit his palate, leading him to make his own, and share them with his family and friends. Thus was born Bar Stories.


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Keeping up with the world’s largest Passover Seder in Kathmandu

On April 19, nearly 2,000 Jewish people from across Asia will gather in Kathmandu for the annual Passover festival, one of the most important Jewish holidays.

Rose Singh, Apr 19 2019

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