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Healthy minds, healthy people

Posted Jul 12 2018 by ANJAN PRASAD PARAJULI Filed under mentally ill, mental health, physical and mental tests

Normally, when people talk about health, they mean physical health. But there is no health without mental health. According to the World Health Organisation, health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely absence of disease or infirmity.
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SEE you around

Posted Jul 05 2018 by Rishi Ram Paudyal Filed under Secondary Education Examination, SLC exams, GPA

The world is changing, and so should the education system in Nepal. Needless to say, there have been changes as compared to the past. We have shifted from giving the exam results in numbers and percentages to GPA (grade point average).
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Power breakfast

Posted Jul 04 2018 by Manohar Shrestha Filed under Postplatform

Today, many hotels advertise their ‘power’ breakfasts in various national dailies to woo customers. These power breakfasts are normally a Western set or table d’hôte menu served as a large spread of buffet that would typically consist choices of breads and meats, cereals, marmalade, butter, cheese, eggs; sea food, vegetables, dairies, juices, exotic fruit platter, and tea and coffee.
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Thank you, brother

Posted Jun 29 2018 by SOMY PAUDYAL

I have been fond of chips from my childhood. Nevertheless, I didn’t often get to have them since my parents considered them to be junk food. When I was in high school, I had to become first in my class to have a packet of chips. I still remember the days when we would go to get the results, and if I came first, mom would buy me a big packet of chips along with some sour candy which is called ‘paun’ in Nepali. Chips have always been special for me.
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Like a gas chamber

Posted Jun 22 2018 by PURNA KUMAR RANA

The worsening air quality has become a leading threat to public health in the Kathmandu Valley. Poorly managed road expansion, poisonous gases emitted by motor vehicles and pipe laying works for the Melamchi Water Supply Project across the Valley have invited negative impacts on the environment and public well-being.
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The colour purple

Posted Jun 21 2018 Filed under Postplatform

The shop fronts of malls are often seen brightly advertising their latest wares by employing eloquently dressed mannequins. The dresses they wear, with styles ranging from minimalistic to extravagant, are often dyed with vivid colours. To achieve such vibrance, these textiles undergo dyeing, the process where colour is imparted into the fabric using special pigments called dyes.
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Maid in Nepal

Posted Jun 14 2018 by NILISHA TULADHAR

She gradually opened up and shared her feelings. “I stopped going to work. After all, the family is more important, isn’t it?” she said with an inquisitive look. I remained silent. She continued.
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I am with farmer

Posted Jun 13 2018 by SUSAN THAPA Filed under agriculture, farming, Farmers

It is the teachers’ job to show the correct path to students, and most of the time, teachers do their job. However, it is not right for them to show disdain for farmers.
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Postplatform: Anything but God

Posted Apr 16 2018 by SOMY PAUDYAL Filed under Anything but God

In the past, people used to have faith in God but now the place of God has been taken by science. People try to seek scientific reason for everything that happens.
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Trip to the jungle

Posted Apr 13 2018 by KHILENDRA BASNYAT Filed under Chitwan National Park, Narayangadh

After a couple of days’ stay in Narayangadh, I decided to go to Chitwan National Park (CNP), the first national park in Nepal, with one of my friends who is a true lover of nature.
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The best for my needs

Posted Apr 03 2018 by Pratima Adhikari Filed under smart phones, gaming PC

Hello, I recently completed the SEE exams and I am looking to buy a smartphone for myself. This is the first smartphone I am going to buy and my budget is Rs 20,000. I love playing games and I also expect good performance from my device.
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