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A story of deferred dreams

While conflict is one of the prominent agents of social change and transformation, it naturally has more heinous and notorious repercussions. It can be infinitely menacing and equally dehumanising.

Saroj GC, Feb 15 2019

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The lessons you teach

Sixteen-year-old Starr knows these rules by heart. When she was 12, her parents taught her how to deal with cops, because she isn’t “too young to get arrested or shot.”

Richa Bhattarai, Jan 26 2019

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Good, but not quite best

In ‘March, Me and Sakura’ by Geetanjali Shree, a 70-year-old Indian mother travels to Japan to be with her son. At first wary of the unfamiliar country and afraid of venturing out, she ends up an adventurous soul, freeing the child within in the new land, far from judgment and societal restrictions. It is enthralling to travel with her and shed our inhibitions alongside.

Richa Bhattarai, Jan 12 2019

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Of birds and flights of fancy

Halfway into the middle of his ill-fated mission, in the middle of a nowhere desert, Major Ellie crashes his plane. Momo, a Cherokee-driving, gun-toting, 15-year-old from a nearby refugee camp, stumbles across him. Bringing them both to each other is Mutt, a philosophical dog who once had his ‘brains fried’ due to a mishap.

Richa Bhattarai, Dec 15 2018

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Lives lost, loves regained

In my childhood, I was known as the boy whose mother had run off with an Englishman,” the narrator of All the Lives We Never Lived, a sexagenarian horticulturist, begins his tale. It is intriguing,

Richa Bhattarai, Dec 01 2018

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Love and beauty

The star-dappled cover of Faiqa Mansab’s debut novel, This House of Clay and Water, claims it is a story of forbidden love in Pakistan, which it is. The affections of Nida the guilty mother, Sasha the wanton wife and Bhanggi, a dreamy intersex, tangle together in this heightened and seldom told story of love in the streets and dargahs of Lahore.

Richa Bhattarai, Sep 08 2018

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