Thirst things first

The only solution to the perennial water shortage is Melamchi

Aug 21 2018

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The promised land

Nepal must ensure that migrant workers are not exploited, here and abroad

Aug 20 2018

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Privacy and the press

Press freedom might come under attack as the government passes new law

Aug 16 2018

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Trials and tribulations

Nepalis have become disheartened because of arbitrary taxation

Aug 16 2018

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All aboard

Introduction of the high-tech, low-emission buses could help reduce pollution

Aug 15 2018

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Forever hungry

Producing and distributing nutritious food should be a political priority

Aug 14 2018

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Invisible citizen

It is imperative that the state guarantee women’s entitlements as citizens

Aug 13 2018

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Where sidewalk ends

People, not vehicles, should be allowed to reclaim the urban environment

Aug 10 2018

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Son worshippers

It is sad when women have to achieve recognition by having a male child

Aug 09 2018

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Dangerous development

As long as our development activities endanger lives, we cannot call it progress

Aug 08 2018

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Apply the brakes

The govt must act strict and not free errant drivers after they pay a fine

Aug 07 2018

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