Wealth of generations

Champa Devi Tuladhar has been knitting socks for over 60 years. In her 76 years, she has given away more socks than she can count—to her family members, friends and just about anyone who would visit her. So when her granddaughters, Lorina and Irina Sthapit, approached her to market her warm handmade socks and sell them, she was hesitant. She had always expected nothing in return.

Bibhu Luitel, Nov 19 2018

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Be ready to take calculated risks

The nonprofit Hatti Hatti works on a three tier model—‘educate, engage, empower’. First, marginalised women who might not have had the opportunities to go to school are provided with an education.

Nov 19 2018

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You don’t go sell ice on Everest

David Thirumur has been a life coach for the past 12 years, roving across the globe speaking to businesspeople, entrepreneurs and students. A social entrepreneur andleadership speaker, Thirumur was raised in India and was involved in a number of businesses before leaving to become a full-time speaker.

Nov 12 2018

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Marketing must be aligned with a company’s digital footprint

Pratik Aryal started out in marketing while still in college. Climbing through the ranks and switching companies, he gained the necessary know-how about marketing in a country like Nepal, where customs and business environments necessitate targeted marketing methods.

Oct 30 2018

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We are focused on long-term solutions,not short-term profit

Mahendra Man Shakya is the managing director at Sustainable Eco Engineering (SEE) Pvt Ltd, an engineering company dedicated to providing sustainable, green solutions.

Oct 22 2018

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Entrepreneurs must be willing to fail

Young Innovations is a software development company that uses “integrated technology to solve problems in the development and private sectors with specific focus on open data, aid transparency, public procurement, citizen engagement, grievance management and knowledge management,” according to its company profile.

Saurav R Pandey, Oct 15 2018

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Challenges are stepping stones to success

For over 17 years, Rachana Thapa has been running the Silver Mountain College of Hotel Management, one of Kathmandu’s premier institutions when it comes to producing hotel and hospitality managers.

Saurav R Pandey, Oct 08 2018

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Getting ahead of the curve

It was during his third year in college at University of Pennsylvania, US, that Atulya Pandey co-founded Pagevamp, a web designing agency. Pandey, along with his co-founders, started the company to help create websites for people in and around the university.

Oct 01 2018

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Focus on your products, not competetion

Sanket Agarwal is responsible for Xiaomi’s overseas expansion in the Indian sub-continent. He is currently exploring Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka as potential future markets.

Saurav R Pandey, Sep 24 2018

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We cannot afford to burden the planet with technology that is unsustainable

A cyclist from a young age, Sajal Pradhan learned the importance of the environment and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle early on.

Sep 17 2018

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You need patience to become an entrepreneur

Amshu Dali’s first job was as a barista at her school café while pursuing her bachelors’ degree in the US. Upon graduating, she moved back to Kathmandu and started working for TBWA/Benchmark Nepal—an advertising agency, which has its headquarters in Bangladesh.

Sep 10 2018

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Pay and posts are extrinsic rewards that are never enough

Poshak Paudel, who has been the CEO of Citizen Life Insurance for about a year, started his corporate journey working for various development organisations as an

POST REPORT, Sep 03 2018

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