Focus on your products, not competetion

Sanket Agarwal is responsible for Xiaomi’s overseas expansion in the Indian sub-continent. He is currently exploring Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka as potential future markets.

Sep 24 2018

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We cannot afford to burden the planet with technology that is unsustainable

A cyclist from a young age, Sajal Pradhan learned the importance of the environment and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle early on.

Sep 17 2018

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You need patience to become an entrepreneur

Amshu Dali’s first job was as a barista at her school café while pursuing her bachelors’ degree in the US. Upon graduating, she moved back to Kathmandu and started working for TBWA/Benchmark Nepal—an advertising agency, which has its headquarters in Bangladesh.

Sep 10 2018

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Pay and posts are extrinsic rewards that are never enough

Poshak Paudel, who has been the CEO of Citizen Life Insurance for about a year, started his corporate journey working for various development organisations as an

POST REPORT, Sep 03 2018

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Meet the CEO on a mission to democratize Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence fascinated Sameer Maskey ever since his undergraduate days, when he was pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Math and Physics from Bates College in the US. Then, he decided to pursue a PhD in Computer Science focused on AI at Columbia University.


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Lead by example, provide opportunities

Suman Sharma started his career from Nepal SBI Bank in 1997 after earning his master’s degree in Economics from Tribhuvan University. Having worked at the bank for eight years, in 2005 he went on to pursue another master’s degree from Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands.

Aug 20 2018

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HR conference to focus on unleashing national potential

Human Resources Society Nepal (HRSN), an umbrella organisation for HR professionals in Nepal, is set to organise the seventh iteration of the National HR Conference on August 24 this year. Having explored various themes in the past—like ‘Managing People during Crisis’, ‘Employee Care for Higher Productivity’ and ‘HR for Tomorrow, Trends and Transformation’—this year’s conference is set to be themed ‘Unleash HR for National Development’.

Post Report, Aug 13 2018

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No silver bullet in management

Having worked for the multinational bank Barclays in the UK and several financial institutions in Nepal as well, Prakash Khatri believes that there is no one silver bullet that ensures efficiency and increased productivity at a workplace. Instead, he suggests that finding a balance between western efficiency and eastern amity might be the best way forward for Nepal’s burgeoning corporate sector.

Aug 13 2018

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Innovation is important in education

Sandeep Sharma is a director and the principal at Adhyayan— a design and technology focused school. Sharma who spent a decade in the US—studying in Virginia Tech and John Hopkins University—returned to Kathmandu to begin something creative and innovative here, which led to the founding of the technology-focused institution.

Aug 06 2018

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Many aspirations, one goal

Having started his banking career as a loan officer at Agricultural Development Bank in 1987, Shambhu Nath Gautam spent 14 years at various branches of Nabil Bank before leaving as its Head of Corporate Credit. Moving to Siddhartha Bank from its inception in 2002, Gautam was appointed its CEO in August 2017. In this conversation with the Post’s Alisha Sijapati, Gautam talks about leading a large organisation and his top management skills.

Jul 30 2018

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The art of adaptation

Dave McCaughan has been working in the marketing and advertising sector in various South Asian countries since 1984.

Jul 23 2018

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