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Colour me you

Fear feels strange. It starts with your mind, goes to your heart and travels all the way through your body, making your entire body shake and tremble. It creates a continuous drumming sound, and your heart does nothing to lessen the tension building up inside you.

Subani Sapkota, Nov 18 2018

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A dress she would never wear

The room was a complete mess--a pile of clothes on the couch, makeup kit on the table, and clutter all over. The floor looked like it had never known cleanliness. The bed looked like it had never been made.

Nirvana Shakya, Nov 18 2018

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Up in the Hills

The bus that took us to Tansen from Butwal was ancient. We were under the impression that it was kept from falling by a generous use of Sellotape. Every nut and bolt crackled and rattled as it moved along the winding Siddhartha Highway.


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Daisy believed that if she prayed to God every day, he would be happy and tell her father to return. Margie knew all of it but pretended otherwise. Margie didn’t want Daisy to feel depressed about the departure of Cedric.

Kabita Sen, Nov 04 2018

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Jal Kapur

So, it was a day before Rama’s wedding and she looked at herself in Ma’s mirror adorned with colourful tikas in the backdrop of red, green beads, bangles and her sari bought from the Sauji in IndraChowk.

Geetanjali Lama, Oct 28 2018

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Maya’s Café

On the yellowish wall was a blurry sketch of Confucius and next to it a similarly fuzzy John Lennon portrait. The combination of the old wall’s faint yellow paint and the numerous wall cracks resulted in a distinct shape, exuding a retro vibe—what typified Maya’s café.

Bishrant Katwal, Oct 28 2018

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Burman Stumps the Runner

Mumbai Mail’s editorial office was quiet except for the staccato of journalists typing on computer keyboards. Vasant Dev entered the sports department with a cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth. Ricky Burman ignored him and continued rewriting the headline for an agency report. Barcelona Football Club’s 3-1 victory over Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League match elated him. He made a special effort to design the broadsheet news page well on the computer.

Sudeep Sonawane, Oct 07 2018

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A bloody system

The mosquitoes have been buzzing all night. I tried swatting them away with my hands but they have been continuously buzzing for so long that now my hands are too tired to resist their relentless onslaught. I try to sleep but the itch on my leg and the constant pain in my lower stomach is sucking the life out of me. Period cramps are the worst thing to happen to a woman. Imagine the pain you might feel if a truck drove over you or if a 106 knives stabbed your stomach all at once. Trust me when I say, that those things are probably less painful than period cramps. I wish I were exaggerating but I’m not—I know this is subjective, but to some, the pain can really be unbearable.

Kavya Biswokarma, Sep 23 2018

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The Light Year Street

She had to get the experience out of her system in order to reflect on it. She knew she would fail to make sense of it or let go of it until her thoughts escaped the precincts of her mind

Bonu Manandhar, Sep 16 2018

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The scent of lavender

And just like the wind, she disappeared. She stopped answering her phone, she stopped replying to my messages and she stopped sending me the literary letters she liked writing so much.


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Defected, disaffected pieces

We are in the bad books of the state. In other words, we are criminals who have committed the biggest crime possible. We are marked men and women and should either be in prison or be dead.

RUNA MAHARJAN, Aug 26 2018

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The Lost Generation

For this generation, to cave in was to once again succumb to a centuries old status quo—unjust and no longer conscionable

BIKASH GUPTA, Aug 12 2018

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