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The Love Letter

It was raining cats and dogs outside with occasional thunder strikes. The mango tree near my room’s window swayed violently to the wind, hitting the window pane several times to the point that I was worried it would shatter the glass.

Ashvin Oli, Jan 20 2019

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Ode to a little flower

Ten years hence, a book reminds me of her. She was my favourite student. Not that she showed that she was smart, or that she was smart at all—but something about her always made me like her: her attentiveness.

Shailaja Upadhyaya, Jan 20 2019

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The brightest star

Do we really turn into a star after our demise?” she asked in disbelief. With a sly smile on her face, Sita pulled her daughter in her lap and replied, “Yes! We transform into one of those bright stars after our death.

Aadesh Subedi, Jan 13 2019

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The Songbird

After my Aabai, my grandma’s mother, died, I have been tending the plants of her mini-garden on the terrace. Aabai traded guavas, plums, and pomegranates with the nearby construction workers in return of empty cement bags. In those bags, she planted cucumbers, tomatoes, cauliflowers, and spinaches.

Kabita Sen, Jan 13 2019

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Notes from Ratnapark

On a recent Saturday noon, I was sauntering silently in Ratnapark, weaving through the crowd. Walking aimlessly around this part of the town has been my favourite pastime for quite some time now—for a guy like me, who studies in Trichandra and shares a dingy rented room with a friend, it is a kind of cost-effective solution for entertainment.

Amit Sharma, Jan 06 2019

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Unpredictable move

It was a just a normal night. There wasn’t anything unusual about it. The weather was just right, neither hot, nor cold. It was quiet. The sounds of vehicles and daily activities that used to fill the air during the day had all but died down.

Santosh Acharya, Jan 06 2019

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True love waits

The party was dying downstairs. The weird music that was honking like crazy till just about five minutes ago had stopped. I could see people, drunk and intoxicated, leaving the premises of my house.

Dixya Poudel, Dec 30 2018

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Travelling through the time capsule

It was a total surprise for me when I received an invitation for Divya’s wedding, especially when I didn’t invite her to mine. Divya was one of my crushes during my college days.

Yubraj Parajuli, Dec 23 2018

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His eyes followed the thread of the lines, lingered at some stanza breaks, and retraced its path from the end to the beginning.


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Love that Refuses to Die

This is not a love letter, but a synthesis of realisation. And obviously a futile attempt. This is simply a review of that mysterious communion and an anecdote of that divine but yet toppled history.

KESHAB SUBEDI, Dec 09 2018

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Chasing butterflies

It was back in the summer of 1990. The classes were over for the day, but I was still in the classroom. There was a big chart hanging on the wall which illustrated the life cycle of a butterfly.

Tushar Subedi, Dec 09 2018

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Across the universe

If I have to place his home in the map of the universe, I can’t. I don’t know where he lives at the celestial landmark. Yet, it feels like home to me.

Sajana Acharya, Dec 02 2018

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