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She had a dream

Neither the girl nor the conjectures ever interested Sameer though. She was not to his liking—but the poems were beautiful


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Dust to dust

We met for the first time in a tempo. We didn’t speak or anything; our eyes met, and that was it. Her curly hair so perfectly framed the broad cheeks that were covered by a surgical mask. Blue, I remember. It was blue; and mine was green.

Subash Chapagain, May 13 2018

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Jhyalkhana: glass prison

The room was full of guests and the atmosphere was of abounding extravagance. As women in sparkly clothes hovered around Laxmi, I walked straight up to the dulahi and handed her the gift. “Badhai chha! Don’t forget us now that you got your life partner,” I teased. In response, she just smiled and her eyes sparkled. She looked beautiful in a bride’s attire. It seemed like the traces of coyness accompanied by beaming hope only added to her charm.

Sulochana Manandhar, May 06 2018

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The moralist of Bhaktapur

The copper gilded finial of Nyatapol Deval gleamed in day light before fawning tourists who, fascinated by the nuances and mystique of Newari architecture, continually snapped photos with visible glee and smiles on their faces. Tourists, sporting Aladdin trousers and Thamel’s printed tops, made their way to Taumadhi Tole which had only just welcomed the arrival of spring with the Bisket Jatra. The tole felt restful with a gentle breeze dancing westwards.

Saurav Bikram Thapa, Apr 29 2018

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Any given Saturday

He sees a two-wheeler pass by every thirty minutes or so, but that’s all the noise there is. He likes it this way. He likes quiet days, even when it’s particularly harmful for the business

Abha Dhital, Apr 22 2018

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The call

We’re so sorry, sir. The boys mistakenly wired your phone to Mr Karki’s,” said the man in charge, timidly. He couldn’t even look Raghu in the eye.

Pratik Mainali, Apr 15 2018

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Cryptic clues blast terrorists

The two passengers sat pensive in the back-seat of a Volkswagen Passat cruising at 120 kmph on Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway. The well-built driver, wearing Police sunglasses, periodically glanced at the rear-view mirror. He looked down every time the car sped past security cameras along the highway.

Apr 08 2018

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He walked on the deserted streets, feeling his jaw tighten as the dusty wind brushed against his face. He dipped his chin under his shirt, dug his hands deep into his coat pocket, narrowed his brow, pursed his lips and kept walking.

Pratik Mainali, Apr 01 2018

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Ticking time bomb

Racing towards the emergency room with her best friend Shristi at her side, Aayu only had a vague idea of what was happening. She couldn’t have anticipated the chaos. She saw both her parents walk in and out in a panic.


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The Harion Bazaar

On Saturdays, the otherwise quiet Harion bazaar springs into action. Packed into heavy trucks and congested buses, so many people from villages far and wide swarm in from all directions, typically in a frantic search for the right quality of ration for their families.

Biken K Dawadi, Mar 18 2018

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Master put a hand over his mouth and watched me. I let out a whimper. More than anything I wanted him to pat my head, murmur his love for me, give me a reason why I was brought to his home. Instead, he quietly shook his head, and left

Sakar Lama, Mar 11 2018

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