Up to 400 percent price variation found in same generic medicines of different brands

According to a study carried out by the Nepal Health Research Council, same generic medicines of different brands are being sold in the market with huge price variation, with some brands selling their products at a price 400 percent higher than others.   

ARJUN POUDEL, Apr 15 2019

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After failing to buy vitamin A, five provinces turn to federal government for help

Five out of seven provinces have requested concerned agencies of the federal government to procure vitamin A supplement for them.

ARJUN PAUDEL, Apr 14 2019

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Diarrhoea afflicts 25 people in Pheta Rural Municipality

A diarrhoea outbreak has afflicted at least 25 people in Bara’s Pheta Rural Municipality that suffered heavy destruction in the March 31 rainstorm.  

LAXMI SAH, Apr 09 2019

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Local health posts stop providing info to centre

Over 70 percent health facilities operating at local level—health posts, primary health care centres—have stopped providing information on health and logistics to the federal government for several months.

Arjun Poudel, Mar 31 2019

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Water quality testing equipment, kits to be sent to all local federal units

The Epidemiology and Disease Control Division (EDCD) under the Department of Health Services has allocated budget to 753 local units across the country for the procurement of equipment and reagents to examine the quality of drinking water.

Arjun Poudel, Mar 26 2019

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Gandaki Medical College officials, who are accused of fleecing students, still on the run

Nine administrative officials of Gandaki Medical College, including college chairman Khuma Prasad Aryal, are still on the run even weeks after a forgery case was filed against them at the Kaski District Court by the students.

NAYAK PAUDEL, Mar 24 2019

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Caesarean section rate is alarmingly high in Nepal, but officials say they can’t control it

The cesarean delivery rate, according to estimates and some studies, is far higher in private health facilities than in government hospitals.

ARJUN POUDEL, Mar 23 2019

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Pregnant and new mothers deprived of government-announced incentives

Thousands of women and their newborns are at risk as government-run health centres and hospitals across the country have stopped providing cash incentives for months due to lack of funds and coordination among government officials and ministries.

ARJUN PAUDEL, Mar 19 2019

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They have a degree, but they can’t find a job

Students of medical microbiology from Tribhuvan University Institute of Science and Technology are not licensed to work

ARJUN POUDEL, Mar 17 2019

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Here what it's like to live with hepatitis B

When I was 18, I tested positive for the hepatitis B virus. My diagnosis came when my late brother had a motorcycle accident and the resulting operation revealed to us that he had the virus.

SIJAN SHARMA, Mar 06 2019

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Health Ministry requests UNICEF for vitamin ‘A’ supplement

The Ministry of Health and Population has requested UNICEF for vitamin ‘A’ supplements to administer to children between the ages of six months to five years.

Arjun Poudel, Feb 26 2019

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