No monkeying around

Proper planning is required to mitigate conflict between wild animals and people

Min Raj Dhakal, Nov 19 2018

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The defence rests

Kusum Shrestha who played a lead role in the law profession passed away last fortnight

Bipin Adhikari, Nov 19 2018

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Rooting for the orchids

Did you know orchids are the most traded type of wildlife in the world? And that they cover more than 70 percent of all species whose international trade is restricted under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)?

Reshu Bashyal, Nov 18 2018

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Nirmala’s unsolved case

It has been more than 100 days since Nirmala Pant’s lifeless body was found in a sugarcane field in Bhimdattanagar, Kanchanpur, but it seems as though nothing has changed.

UDAYAN REGMI, Nov 18 2018

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Fragrant arbour

Nepal’s topography and unrivalled diversity have rightly earned it the reputation of being a biodiversity hotspot.

Pragya Adhikari, Nov 18 2018

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Better to be prepared

The country received a new Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Act 2017 after almost a decade-long struggle.


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To remember, we must first learn

The Gantantra Smarak or Republic Monument, a concrete structure nestled awkwardly over 35 ropanis of land on the eastern side of Narayanhiti Palace, has, as of yet, remained closed to the public. Though the construction began nearly five years ago, it continues to remain barren of any guests.

Praveen Kumar Yadav, Nov 16 2018

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Moving beyond two, stuck in three

The upsurge of the Gender and Sexual Minorities’ (GSM) movement has continually posed challenges to rigid norms perpetuated by the gender binary.

Rukshana Kapali, Nov 16 2018

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Manufacturing courage

The history of Gorkhas is a case study of colonial mindsets and Nepali rulers’ failures

Amish Mulmi, Nov 16 2018

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Give me some truth

The government has disregarded the courts and lied with regard to transitional justice

Ram Kumar Bhandari, Nov 15 2018

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Rhetoric and gobbledygook

Doublespeak is an art that has to be perfected by politicians

Deepak Thapa, Nov 15 2018

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Elusive justice

Why have we let singular narratives define victimhood?


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