Techtalk with Gadgetbyte: Here’s how you can get started with promoting your Facebook business page in Nepal

Learning to leverage Facebook’s platform to promote oneself has become an essential part of an organisation’s operations—whether it be within or outside Nepal.

Pratima Adhikari, May 20 2019

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Why aren’t there more women in IT?

When Nhasala Joshi joined the Advanced College of Engineering and Management in Kupondole, she was the only woman in her Electronics Engineering class. Later, as the semester progressed, the number of women grew to three, still a heavily lopsided gender ratio.

Prajesh SJB Rana, May 13 2019

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Nepal will soon be implementing an Equipment Identity Register for all mobile devices in the country. But what does that actually entail?

There are many in Nepal who import mobile phones, formally or informally For the latter, these mobile phones are generally for friends and family, as the same model phones are generally more expensive in Nepal

Bivek Khatiwada, May 07 2019

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Hamro Patro is one of the most downloaded Nepali apps. Here's its story.

In 2008, when Shankar Uprety left for the US to pursue a Master’s in computer engineering, he carried with him a Nepali bhittey patro, a Nepali calendar. During his first year in the US, Uprety would rely on the calendar to stay informed of the dates of different festivals his family members would be celebrating back in Nepal.

Tsering Ngodup Lama, May 05 2019

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Government officials don’t have an official explanation for why government websites were down on Sunday

Cybersecurity experts say the nearly daylong blackout of government sites could have possibly been the doing of malicious actors who tied up the sites’ resources and prevented legitimate users from accessing the sites by flooding the government server which, they say, is highly vulnerable to security risks.  

Bhrikuti Rai, May 05 2019

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Can the internet be policed?

In Nepal, the decade-old Electronic Transaction Act (ETA), enacted in 2006, was formed when the internet was not as widespread as it is today and fails to take into account many contemporary web security and privacy issues.

Prajesh SJB Rana, Apr 29 2019

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Here’s how you can pick the right laptop—from processors to graphic cards—according to the usage of applications on the job

For today’s office-goers, laptops have become an indispensable part of daily life. Even though you might have a desktop machine at work, incidental work at home and on the go require portable laptops that are light, easy-to-use, up-to-scratch and affordable.

Johnson Shrestha, Apr 23 2019

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Telecom authority and central bank announce plans to regulate digital financial service providers

In an effort to facilitate and regulate digital payment systems and businesses in the country, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority and the Nepal Rastra Bank have signed a memorandum of understanding to work jointly to introduce regulatory policies for digital financial service providers.


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Nepal’s first ever satellite launched into space

Nepal’s first satellite, ‘NepaliSat-1’, has been launched into space, which will soon start rotating around the earth’s orbit to collect information about the country’s topography and earth’s magnetic field. Meanwhile, officials said, the satellite itself will also be studied for developing more advanced satellites in the future.

NAYAK PAUDEL, Apr 18 2019

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Some popular video games are set in Nepal. But how well do they represent the country?

In the past couple of decades, a number of big-budget games have chosen Nepal as their setting, either for a chapter or in rare cases, the entire game. In older games, severely limited by technology, Nepal was depicted as pixelated polygons of multi-storied temples, Buddhist stupas and prayer flags. Contemporary games do better in terms of graphics and visual fidelity, but the elements depicted have remained the same—temples, stupas, prayer flags.


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The Auditor General’s report highlights government bodies’ lax attitude towards cybersecurity

The annual report released by the Office of the Auditor General revealed that government bodies are exposed to cybersecurity risks because of their disregard for the existing rules and guidelines.

Bhrikuti Rai, Apr 14 2019

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