Time for A Revolt

  • The old monsters have to go. They are the reason why millions of young folks have to go overseas to make a few Dinars more to feed their families
- Guffadi

Dec 22, 2018-

Our major political parties are run by old fogies who grew up in the ‘typewriter’ age.  So let us not blame our netas for trying to ban our voice online because it’s new to them.  They don’t use computers at all. They only use their smartphones to make shady deals or to play Candy Crush because most of their other work is carried out by their personal aides.

These guys never used typewriters in the first place and we can’t expect them to be Twitter-experts now. Here we are today, where Amriki President Trump uses Twitter like crazy to lambast his real and imaginary opponents while our grumpy old men here are bitter that we the people use Twitter to voice our opinion against thulo mancheys.

At least the Amriki President writes his own tweet most of the time while most of our netas have their personal aides fire up their social media engine because our netas are too big for their boots. Bideshi netas ride around their cities in bicycles and make their cities cycle-friendly while our netas drive around our cities in luxury vehicles and want to make our roads friendly for trucks and tippers while pedestrians have to be faster than Usain Bolt to cross the Ring Road areas and cyclists have nowhere to cycle.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Congressis or a Communist or a con artist because our political parties are run by the same bunch of chors for the past three or more decades. Look at the Congressis! The same old men and a few women run the show since the 1990s. Deuba still thinks he will be the Prime Monster again come next general election. And don’t be surprised if he does get to live in Baluwatar once again because his astrologers have always been right. Young turks like Gagan Thapa do not have enough money, muscles and votes within the party to topple the old fogies from their seats. It’s the same story with our comrades and even the Madhesi parties.

It’s about time the young folks in our political parties stand up and fight against the old hacks who have been enjoying the free lunch since the 1990s. Oli and his fellow courtiers tell their own comrades to quit the party if they do not like the way the current ruling Maharajas are running the show. And that’s probably a very good advice.

I think it’s about time, our young turks from all political parties quit and get together to form a new political party so that come 2022, we will have a new party running this country and most of them at least will favor freedom of speech, assembly and religion instead of turning this country into a police state.

What about our Bibeksheel-Sajha or the Naya Shakti wallahs? Well, it looks like Dr Baburam will continue to win from Gorkha and be just another lawmaker forever while Rabindra Mishra needs to join forces with some other folks to win a seat or two in the House or else not much will happen for our newbies.

We may not like our leaders but we really have no choice but to deal with the politicians of today. The two major parties in this land will be our greatest communist party on Earth and the grand old party of Nepal, the Congressis. The Madhesi parties will continue to bag their bunch of seats and get ministerial posts here and there and for the rest of the political parties, it’s time to close down the shutter or join the main players and get a few crumbs here and there.

Kamal Dai is once again back with his ‘Hindu State and Monarchy’ double-combo meal plan but it is not going to work because the RPP wallahs will have to wait for re-birth and hope to win two-third majority in the House in their next life and then bring monarchy and the Hindu State back to the fold once again.

I think Gyanu Uncle should just form his own political party instead. Don’t hang out with the RPP folks because the former Pancheys will not help the former King to win votes now. In the previous CA election, many folks cast their votes one for “dai” and one for ‘gai’ but most of the voters are not going to give ‘sympathy’ votes no more. That’s the reason why our Emperor used his tricks to hop in bed with the UML so that he could still be in the game instead of just being a washed up politician with nowhere to go less than a decade after coming out in the open.

So, young turks of our political parties, please rise up and revolt. The old monsters have to go. They are the reason why millions of young folks have to go overseas to make a few Dinars more to feed their families. Our netas blame the sarkari hakims for not doing their job. Well, if our netas had allowed our civil servants to do their job instead of playing politics then we would not be here today where civil servants and our chors are the only ones with the dough while the rest of us are barely surviving.

I think it’s time folks like Gagan Thapa, Yogesh Bhattarai and other young women leaders of major political parties join hands with the newbies and form their own political party. Socialism is out. Communism is actually dead. Even the Chinese don’t even give any respect to our communists. So, now we need to think about a new political system instead of trying to copy from India, China or from a state that no longer exists. And yes, Gyanu Uncle can join the same party as well and maybe he can be our lawmaker someday. And Kamal Dai, please stick to Tennis and even win some major international tournaments for veterans instead of trying to be relevant even today when we all know that monarchy will not make a comeback. But you never know…. After all, Delhi gets what Delhi wants so our politicians better get their act together or you know what happens in Nepali politics. It’s been the same story ever since our Rana uncles left the building.

Guffadi is a grumpy old man who blogs at You may contact him at

Published: 22-12-2018 10:34

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