Whose budget is it anyway?

- Post Report, Kathmandu

May 31, 2019-

This is the second time our great communist government on Earth has presented the budget for this great land of ours. We all thought things would get better once we had an almost two-third majority government in place. But boy, we have never been so wrong in our lives.

Oli and his crew seems to be stuck in the ’90s and think that we will all pat them on their back for increasing the chiya kharcha for our senior citizens, widows, orphans and disabled folks in this country. Well, we have heard about our government employees pocketing millions of Rupees meant for the needy people. Roughly two million Nepalis are expected to receive some form of social security allowances but how far will Rs 3,000 go for our grannies and grandpas and what will our widows and the needy do with the Rs 2,000 they are now expected to receive from our national coffer? Do expect nearly half of the funds meant for the needy people to be pocketed by those responsible of distributing these funds. That’s how our low-level sarkari folks get to make some money on the side. You know this great country of ours is going down the drain when our sarkarki chors ask for Chiya Kharcha from the Chiya Kharcha meant for the poor and the needy.

Our comrades had earlier promised Rs 5,000 for our senior citizens when they were campaigning ahead of the federal elections. But of course, our netas also promise us 40,000 MW of electricity in a decade and the water from Melamchi by Dashain. And we can’t blame our chor netas for not fulfilling their promises because they actually never give us a fixed date of completion for any of their dream projects. So, Melamchi by Dashain might mean the Dashain next year or in the year 2030 AD. And when will we finally be able to generate 40,000 MW of electricity and sell most of it to India? Just check the date for the next Halley’s Comet.

Singapore was a malaria-infested swamp land sixty years ago and look at it now. Our land is a God’s gift to the world. We have the highest mountain on earth and the bravest and hardworking folks but how did we go wrong when it comes to politics? Maybe, we should learn a thing or two from the last episode of the Game of Thrones. Where can our thulo mancheys find their ‘Bran the Broken’? Maybe, Bam Dev could be our PM next time and let’s give him a chance to lead us into the future. After all, Bam’s story is as close to Bran from GoT if we look it from a political perspective. And one word of advice for Bam as if our politicians take any advice from us is that you have to rule by love and not by fear. Don’t try to scare us with fines and jail sentences so that we will shut our mouth and look the other way when our sarkari folks are looting us blind. The Shree Tins tried it. The Pancheys tried it. And now our comrades want to use the same formula of Hukumi Shashan. Well, it didn’t work then and it is not going to work now.

And let’s go back to our Budget Bhasan again. Our Finance Minister, the former Nepal Rastra Bank Governor thinks we are better off with taking less money when we go abroad and has also cut down on how much we can spend across the border in Modi-land. Yes, let us not forget to congratulate Modi for his victory and let us not forget our Oli acting like our Maharaja by screwing up the flight schedules at our only international airport as he wanted to attend Modi’s swearing-in ceremony. Why not take a direct Kathmandu to Delhi night bus and show us that our comrades are for the people and not only for cadres, contractors and civil servants.

Our government has once again hiked the salaries of our civil servants, public school teachers and security personnel. Yes, our civil servants really need salary increase every year because it is difficult to do with the meager government salary. But I think our government forgets that our civil servants, especially the thulo mancheys, don’t need a government salary at all. How on Earth do our hakim sahebs make enough to send their kids to Amrika and other western countries, buy apartments there and still be able to build mini-mansions here in the valley? Just ask the contractor for Melamchi or even the Ncell wallahs. Our hakim sahebs and netas only dream about commissions from all contractors while the common folks can only dream of a better tomorrow but even that is wishful thinking and we know the true reality we face every day.

Our government tells us that the salary hike will motivate our civil servants and help them to serve the public better. Yes, and Oli tells us that we are a dust-free city but he forgets to mention that come heavy rain for an hour and our capital turns into a mini-Venice. Yes, Nepal Tourism can promote our land for monsoon by offering free rafts and boating services to tourists in the valley.

And our lawbreakers, the ones who were elected should be happy that our government has increased the constituency dumpling fund by 50 percent. Now, our elected MPs in the federal parliament will get 6 Karods to help the folks in their constituencies to build new temples and welcome gates which helps only the few and most of the beneficiaries will be their own cadres. Yes, even the ‘Afno Gaun, Afai Banau’ natak once again is the same way to dole out funds for your own cadres. Most of our young lads and ladies in the villages have gone abroad to make a few Dinars more while only the young and the old remain back home. Maybe, it’s time for ‘Afno Desh, Afai Banau’ campaign and ask our netas and hakim sahebs to decrease their Chiya Kharcha fee from the rest of us and let us stop using foreign goods for a year and see how much we can save. How about our VVIPs ride around town in bicycles for a year and lead by example instead of looting us more?

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Published: 01-06-2019 07:30

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