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Feminists with a bullet: how the ageing heroine became screen gold

The trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate hinges on the return of Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor to the franchise. Halfway into it, she steps from an SUV with not one but two guns so big that the trailer slips into slow-mo in sheer awe.

Noah Berlatsky, Jun 16 2019

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Hollywood needs to stop letting stars author their own biopics

The new musical drama Rocketman opens on Elton John majestically strolling into a rehab meeting, resplendent in a flamboyant Satan getup we will soon come to understand as aggressively, relentlessly symbolic.

Charles Bramesco, Jun 16 2019

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A Nepali drag show, with an American touch

Jacob Johnston sat on a couch in Pink Tiffany, his head patiently tilted as a make-up artist brushed his cheekbones with a light bronzer.

Jun 14 2019

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Bir Bikram 2 is sexist, poorly plotted and includes crudely drawn characters

At the time of writing this review, Pranesh Gautam, a comedian who posted a video review of the movie Bir Bikram 2 on Youtube, is behind bars, as the Kathmandu District Court has increased his judicial remand by two more days.


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How two Sikhs built Kathmandu’s water pipelines and laid its roads

Sardar Manohar Singh was so well known in Kathmandu, right from his early years here, that he picked up the term of endearment Babuji, among the Valley’s locals, government officials and even the ruling Shahs and Ranas.


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Don’t ask Filipino artist Manuel Ocampo to explain his art

Nutty humour on the dark side with spicy evil notes and aromas of moldy dungeon evoking musty playboy mansions for geriatrics.

Toh Wen Li, Jun 07 2019

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What Thailand gets wrong about Orwell’s Animal Farm

For anyone familiar with George Orwell there can be no analysis or scrutiny of his writing without first understanding Orwell’s experiences in the Spanish Civil War.


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Procrastinating genius: Did Da Vinci have attention disorder?

Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci’s litany of exquisite but unfinished work shows he probably had an attention disorder common to modern society.

Kate Kelland, Jun 06 2019

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Transposition of tattoo trend

Sita Rana Tharu was 20 years old and newly wed when she asked her mother-in-law to draw a tattoo on her hand.

Rose Singh, Jun 06 2019

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Duterte gives go signal to sell Marcos jewellery

President Duterte has approved the sale of around P700 million worth of jewellery that formed part of the alleged ill-gotten wealth of the family of dictator Ferdinand Marcos, directing government agencies to ensure that the people would benefit from the proceeds.

Philippine Daily Inquirer, Jun 05 2019

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Karnali culture at crossroads

Kesharkala Malla, 60, remembers singing Jhoda songs since her early teens. The traditional songs would generally be performed by two groups of women—with 15-20 members in each group—at various cultural and religious events.


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Elton John blasts Russian cuts of gay sex scenes in Rocketman

Elton John has slammed the removal of gay sex scenes from the Russian version of the musical biopic of his life Rocketman as “cruelly unaccepting”.


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