Disgusting bureaucrats

A recent investigation by this paper highlighted the corrupt nature of some of our bureaucrats. Although not a new story, because our bureaucracy is synonymous with corruption, this time around the insatiable appetite for earning extra money forced the Italian-based contractor of the Melamchi Water Supply Project to abandon it.

Mar 22 2019

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Change the law

For the first time in decades, Nepal has a stable government. It boasts a thumping two-thirds majority too. With that kind of strength, it could do anything. From ushering in new and innovative policies to bringing about changes in governance like never before.

Mar 21 2019

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Right to choose

Nepali law does not recognise same-sex marriages. Much of Nepali society still actively discriminates against members of the LGBTIQ community. And as the recent death of Junu Gurung, a transgender woman, testifies, safety and security continue to be an issue.

Mar 19 2019

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A bridge to fear

A recent report published in this paper highlighted how over half a dozen overhead bridges in the Capital city are in dilapidated condition because of lack of effective maintenance.

Mar 18 2019

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A challenge worth trending

Social media has the power to fascinatingly spread contents—both good and bad—over the internet. But recently, the internet’s new plague was the cult of the negative and dangerous virals.

Mar 15 2019

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Beauty without bugs

Most of the hair and skin care products available in the market are sold over-the-counter without prior government scrutiny. While we readily purchase them, what we often do not know is that they end up doing more harm than good.

Mar 14 2019

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The tainted source

Unsafe and unsustainable water supplies compels many people to live with disease and poverty. In fact, 80 percent of the communicable diseases in Nepal are attributed to contaminated water and poor sanitation.

Mar 13 2019

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Fixing a hole

This International Women’s Day, women in Makwanpur district rallied against the gender pay gap. Raising their voices against the evident discrimination in the payment of wages, they demanded equal pay for equal work.

Mar 12 2019

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Peace overtures

Political developments in Nepal never cease to be interesting. The past decade saw the Second People’s Movement after King Gyanendra’s royal coup, which paved the way for the signing of a landmark Comprehensive Peace Accord that ended the decade-long Maoist insurgency.

Mar 11 2019

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The fear factor

Some lawmakers from the Nepal Communist Party, the Nepali Congress and the Majdoor Kisaan Party are doubtful whether they can truly believe a mother’s declaration on who the father of the child is.

Mar 08 2019

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Wrong choice

The parliamentary Hearing Committee on Tuesday heard Samim Miya Ansari, the chairman nominee for the National Muslim Commission, but deferred confirming his appointment even as it endorsed the nominees for four other constitutional commissions.

Mar 07 2019

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