On Saturday

Trump declares ‘Game Over,’ but Democrats vow more investigations

A triumphant President Donald Trump on Thursday proclaimed “Game Over” for his critics following the long awaited publication of the Mueller report, which cleared him of colluding with Russia.


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Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye is a sharp study of a very female torture

One of the first things you notice when embarking on the unsettling experience of reading Cat’s Eye is that its narrator, Elaine, is herself unusually observant. Her memories of her messed-up childhood are more than vivid.

Sam Jordison, Apr 20 2019

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For Chinese raised in prosperity, shrugs in the face of layoffs

Huang Lincai is a cheery 23-year-old with a lot of optimism—even though he recently lost his job. For nearly four years, he worked in one of the three cavernous Ford Motor assembly plants in Chongqing, a sprawling metropolis in southwestern China with almost 20 million people.


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When less is more

A failing, disgruntled, middle-aged writer travels the world to forget his beloved, and finds love again where he least expects it. Nothing unique about the concept.

Richa Bhattarai, Apr 20 2019

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Stitch together, stick together

Ram Kumar Ram and Bharat Ram sit beside the dusty Satdobato road in Lalitpur—Ram with his sewing machine and Bharat with his boot polish, ball of thick twine and a shoe horn. Ram, the older brother, is a roadside tailor while Bharat is a cobbler.

Apr 20 2019

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Unrestrained, uninhibited, unbound

And so it goes. Four words have already been written. Each word carefully chosen, weighed, chiselled and polished to produce the right effect.

AYUSHMA REGMI, Apr 20 2019

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Medals for sale

Let us congratulate all those who received medals from our great communist government this week. This is the land where fake VAT bill byaparis get awarded with Supraval Janasewa Shree medal from the President.

Guffadi, Apr 20 2019

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Michael-Oliver Harding

Let’s revisit history for a minute and pretend that Jean Genet, Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh and their ilk had been #blessed with the ability to share #dailyinspo with their presumably voracious online fans.

Michale-oliver harding, Apr 20 2019

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Everyone is a caricature

Ever wonder why Nepali commercial films almost never have subtitles? Both A Mero Hajur and its sequel are up on YouTube, but neither has subtitles.


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