A radical plan to fix the dollar

Elizabeth Warren released an “American jobs” plan recently. It includes several trade and manufacturing policies intended to benefit American workers and companies. Wall Street responded with righteous indignation, which suggests she may have hit a nerve.

ROBERT E SCOTT, Jun 18 2019

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Geo-strategic spill over

Ordinary citizens and civil society have become the victims of the government’s desire for political control.

Ajaya Bhadra Khanal, Jun 18 2019

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Why can’t everyone get A’s?

For a generation now, school reform has meant top-down mandates for what students must be taught, enforced by high-stakes standardized tests and justified by macho rhetoric—“rigor,” “raising the bar,” “tougher standards.”

ALFIE KOHN, Jun 18 2019

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Reimagining the future

In the beautiful city of Tangier, Morocco more than 150 people from 65 countries gathered to discuss the future of technology, innovation and society.

SUJEEV SHAKYA, Jun 18 2019

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The rule of law needs a soul

Cambridge—The Anglo-American world, once a shining beacon of the “rule of law,” is sliding into constitutional disarray. In the United States, President Donald Trump’s administration is testing the resilience of the system of checks and balances to the breaking point.

ANTARA HALDAR, Jun 17 2019

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We need to focus on welfare and the digital economy

The government recently released a budget of around $13.66 billion for the next fiscal year. The opposition has called it extremely populist, overly impractical, and against the spirit of federalism.

Bimal Pratap Shah, Jun 17 2019

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Africa’s gig opportunity

Toronto—The growth of digital platforms in Africa could offer new opportunities to bridge the current gap between often-insecure informal work and formal employment. Portable benefits, which move with a freelance worker from gig to gig, could drive this transition.


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The state has misunderstood the guthi system

The Guthi Bill registered in the National Assembly has been met with sharp criticism from stakeholders, and rightly so. It can be understood that the bill comes as a result of the renewed political will to modernise guthis.


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Sex, the World Cup and breaking up the boys’ club

In a soccer match last year, a ball tumbled aimlessly into the penalty area—almost like a confused pedestrian—about 13 yards from the goal.

Jun 14 2019

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On sex and citizenship

On May Day, I woke up with a message; an old-school mate of mine had died. I’d just reconnected with Smita, ten days before her death, after a fifteen-year interval. She’d been living in Denmark. As she got up to leave the restaurant where we’d met,


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Calling a spade a spade

A strange thing is happening around me. A friend of mine, rather an acquaintance, Pranesh Gautam, has been in the custody of the Nepal Police for the past five days. He was arrested on cybercrime charges which, under its provisions, somehow happened to include making negative review videos of movies.

Jun 14 2019

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Understanding the modern Nepal-China border

Sometime in early 2000, locals in Lo Manthang were faced with an unusual sight at the Kora La border: a barb-wire fence. Kora La is not a Himalayan pass per se but a massive alpine plain that rises above the Nyichung valley and marked the traditional boundary between Mustang and Tibet, and formally demarcated in 1962.

Amish Raj Mulmi, Jun 14 2019

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Stealing from learning

The American University of Afghanistan was supposed to be a jewel sparkling amidst others, provided by the Americans as they transformed the country into a modern state, complete with a well-funded university.

RAFIA ZAKARIA, Jun 13 2019

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Against child labour: confronting our complicity

Children born to affluent backgrounds grow up with the warning to never touch sharp objects, especially to never go near a boti, and oftentimes in the same household, another child from a less affluent background straddles the same protruding blades, because that’s their job.

RAMISA ROB, Jun 13 2019

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