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Oct 12, 2018-

Nirmala Pant’s rape and murder has aroused solidarity among people, and all the people of Nepal want justice for her. Some women protestors are even asking for the death penalty for those found guilty in her rape case. The government hasn’t quite found the culprit in spite of so many investigations. This is not the first case of rape, there have been countless cases till now. We occasionally hear of police investigating and finding the criminal, but we seldom hear about what happens to them or what measures are taken. It is as if the news ends with the arrest of the culprit and never quite reaches what punishment was given to the criminal. We hear even less about whether the criminal is actually in jail or someone from a political party has bailed him out.

We have seen the actions of the government for so long. Yes, the government is trying to make laws to protect women. There is no denying that. However, the sad reality is that those laws, for the most part, remain only on paper. Changing laws, adding to them, amending them will not bring much change if consciousness is not raised in the people, and especially in women. We talk about women empowerment and give speeches about how women should be made independent, but at the same time, we teach women to be modest and submissive. It is a paradox that those who talk about women’s rights are the very ones discouraging women from moving on.

Our society looks at women with disgust if they remarry or get divorced. They are expected to be homemakers and sustain relationships, and bear injustice if needed to keep the family intact. Daughters who speak their mind out are asked to mind their manners. They are expected to be quiet little cute girls who do not oppose anything. When a daughter grows up, she is asked to keep a very low profile. She is asked to tolerate taunts if someone teases her on the road and not pay any attention to it. When she gets married, she is asked to be submissive to her husband even though she may have more qualities than him. Furthermore, she is usually expected to bear a son to give her security when she becomes old.

When a girl from the very beginning is brought up in such an environment where she feels that she needs to be under protection of males from birth till death, why are we surprised when men dominate women? The case of Nirmala Pant might be solved, but another case will come. It will go on and on unless the mentality of women is changed. Unless mothers themselves fight back male domination, unless they teach their daughters some fighting skills, men will continue to rule.

Published: 12-10-2018 08:13

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