The purpose of life

Oct 12, 2018-

What is life? Life is the condition that distinguishes us from inorganic matter. Our ability to grow and reproduce allows us to multiply in numbers but I wonder if there is any other purpose to it than to simply spawn.

The consciousness from where you draw all your plans and schemes, hopes and dreams, is arguably more a part of you than your fast fading physical form. Being conscious is what allows you to be you—without it you are but a shell.

So where does the consciousness come from? Does the departed soul enter into the mother’s womb upon fertilisation or do our neurons invent our consciousness? I wonder if we only exist by accident. Life is fickle, that much is for sure but accident or not, obsessing over the meaning of it all seems like wasted effort and pointless heartache. As far as I can see, meaning is an excuse we make to guide to the moment.

It matters not how and why, the important thing is we exist—for now. Our world is ephemeral but that somehow makes it so much more beautiful. We are the breathing witnesses of snow capped mountains soaring into the sky with emerald green hills flanking us on all sides. We live in relative tranquillity in a beautiful land of lakes and river that gush from the glacial mountains to the plains below. We live amongst a great diversity of creatures as nature is abundant here.

We share love and we show compassion. These qualities redeem us from the follies me make when acting on our baser instincts.  We can share our feelings, forms bonds and establish a sense of solidarity with one another.

We celebrate and mourn, feast and starve, together. No matter how much of an individual you may consider yourself, our wills and destinies and inextricably entwined. We are social animals, after all. Living life to its fullest and cherishing every moment, good and bad, joyous and painful is difficult but it is the most important task at hand. Accepting all of life and still be at peace with ourselves is the purpose of living, I think.

Avi Neupane

Grade 10

Global Collegiate School, Pokhara

Published: 12-10-2018 08:18

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