Who are you?

Mar 1, 2019-

Who are you? The one you are to the world or the one you are to yourself? The face you show to the world or the one when you are alone? Well, you don’t need to stress or get worried. You’ve got your whole life ahead to answer this question.

From childhood, we are taught to be well-mannered and well-behaved, especially when we interact with friends and relatives. But why do we do this? It might be to present ourselves as noble, leave a good impression on people, or to have a good reputation in society.

In this world, since the time we were toddlers, we are taught how to impress and influence others. In that process, we spend our whole lives trying to make an impact on others and ultimately, we forget to explore our inner selves. We are never true to ourselves. We only care about what the world thinks about us.

In any case, that is certainly not driving towards a prosperous life. We will struggle to gain inner peace unless we are true to ourselves. To know ourselves truly and express the self authentically, we need to cultivate a deep relationship with ourselves. Ultimately, this begins with awareness of our thoughts.

Understanding when we are in or out of alignment may often be based on an intuitive feeling rather than a thought. Feelings of openness, inner joy and freedom are good signs that we are on the right path. Conversely, if we are not being true to ourselves, it may show through negative emotions, leading to unease, emptiness or a lack of fulfillment.

By learning to pay attention to our deeper senses and feelings, and by cultivating greater awareness in our lives, we can establish a strong connection with ourselves as well as feel confident knowing what is solely for us.

But what is true also yearns to be expressed. It is up to each of us to be courageous in bringing forth our truths to express them fully and authentically to the world. So, let’s start the journey of being the self-loved and real version of ourselves from this very moment.

Samriddhi Karki

Grade 10

Grammar Public Higher Secondary School

Published: 01-03-2019 10:56

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