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Top #GoT moments

May 21, 2019-

The beheading of Eddard Stark

When season one hero Ned Stark was beheaded, Game of Thrones heralded in a new way to do things. Lopping off Stark’s head was so totally unexpected, it steeled fans for the indiscriminate killing of main protagonists in the seasons to come.

The Red Wedding

 With the head of the family rolling on the floor, it didn’t take long for George RR Martin to continue showing his truly sadistic ways in season three. The Red Wedding played host to the killing of Robb, Catelyn, Talisa Stark (and her unborn baby). This kind of ruthlessness was an upping of the already ruthless ante.

The Purple Wedding

The killing of Joffrey Baratheon in season four was a joy to watch for viewers, as this petulant tyrant of a king angered everyone watching. Goading Sansa, killing Ned and torturing lady of the night Ros, the poisoning of Joffrey was a goblet of justice in light of his constant terrors.

Shireen Baratheon’s immolation

Stannis Baratheon’s quest to be king of Westeros was ruthless and, thanks to the Red Witch, so dedicated he lost any real sense of emotion or caring. His thirst for the throne led him to sacrifice his only daughter—one of the most sweet and innocent in the entire series— to the lord of light. Her sacrifice in season five was one of the most cruel in the entire series.

Jon Snow’s mutinous murder

The death of Jon Snow was a blow to the entire fanbase of Game of Thrones. He was killed by a list of mutineers at Castle Black in season five, who believed his actions north of the wall—and with the Wildlings—was putting the Night’s Watch at risk. His resurrection by Melisandre in season six clearly placed him as one of the main protagonists for the rest of the series.

Bombing of the Great Sept of Baelor

 Cersei Lannister was supposed to stand trial in the Great Sept of Baelor in season six, but decided to take it upon herself to kill Queen Margery, her father and brother, as well as the High sparrow. The destruction of the Great Sept was a bolt out of the blue, and triggered King Tommen’s suicidal leap from the Red Keep.

Daenerys arrives at Dragonstone

Following her long awaited return home to Dragonstone, Daenerys finally gets back to her ancestral home in season seven. Having corralled the Dothraki horse people onto boats, and with the Unsullied in her wake, Daenerys’ arrival to Westeros was the start of the end.

Night King bags a dragon

The end of season seven was shocking, with the Night King downing a dragon with an ice spear and resurrecting it as a wight with fresh baby blues. This obviously destroys Daenerys, who once felt invincible, and gives rise to an increasingly troubled queenie-to-be. Then, of course, the wight dragon went on to destroy the wall.

Arya stabs the Night King

Arya was the one to finally shut the blue eyes of the dastardly Night King, in episode three of the final season. Reducing the horned devil to ice cubes, Arya casually saved humanity using the skills she learned with the Faceless Men.

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