PM Oli bids farewell to cricket coach

    Post Report, Nov 28 2015
    Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli bade farewell to cricket coach Pubudu Dassanayake at his residence in Baluwatar on Saturday.
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    82 tankers enter through Jogbani border

      Post Report, Nov 28 2015
      As many as 82 fuel tankers, including 23 liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) bullets, entered Nepal through the Jogbani border point in the eastern region in the last two days.
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      Smart card to replace driving license from December

        Post Report, Nov 28 2015
        Department of Transport Management is set to take applications for electronic “smart” driving license from mid December, with view of replacing old paper-based licenses.
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        Govt broadens definition of rape

          Post Report, Nov 28 2015

          The government has amended the existing law in order to broaden the definition of rape as “penile penetration of orifices” and “non-penile penetration of vaginas”.

          Earlier, only a “minor penetration of the penis into the vagina” was considered rape. The redefinition has eliminated confusion over rape of a male as well as same sex rape.

          The new Act has made marital rape a non-bailable crime and increased jail term for upto five years. Besides, the Act has also increased current maximum three years of imprisonment for acid attack convicts to upto eight years in jail.

          “There are a number of amendments to the existing penal code, which will address the gender-based violence,” said Ramesh Dhakal, joint secretary at the Law and Human Right Division of the Office of the Prime Minister.

          The amendments were made as per the recommendation of a high-level monitoring committee formed by the then Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai in December, 2012, under pressure from the “Occupy Baluwatar Campaign”.

          Khadka said the Act to Amend Laws to End Gender Violence and Ensure Gender Equality 2072 is “a milestone” in gender equality and structural discrimination.

          The high-level monitoring committee was formed under the PMO Secretary Raju Man Singh Malla to review laws related to gender-based violence.  A sub-committee was also formed to compile the problematic laws, which were barriers to justice in cases of violence, under the coordination of Sapana Pradhan Malla. The sub-committee had prepared the bill, which was formally tabled in the parliament the following year.

          “Setting up a mechanism for law enforcement is crucial now,” said Malla, adding that the dissemination of the law and change in prejudices of law enforcement are major challenges ahead to implement the law effectively.

          “This Act is an example of changing the law through peaceful means,” said Mohna Ansari, spokesperson at the National Human Rights Commission.

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          Lakes expanding 'dangerously' in Everest glacier

            BBC, Nov 27 2015

            Lakes that have been forming near Mount Everest could threaten settlements downstream if they overflow.Ponds on the surface of the Khumbu glacier in the Himalayas have expanded and joined together to form larger bodies of water.

            Climbers need to cross the glacier, including the treacherous Khumbu Icefall, to climb the mighty peak.The accelerated meltdown of glaciers in the region is causing concern against a backdrop of rising global temperatures.

            Scientists say the warning is the first of its kind for Khumbu, although other glaciers in the Himalayas have seen an increase in the number of lakes formed.Such newly formed glacial lakes can overflow causing flooding, and with it loss of life and damage downstream.

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            Sanghiya Samajbadi Madhesis disrupts NC’s assembly in Birgunj

            Post Report, Kathmandu, Nov 28 2015
            Cadres of agitating Sanghiya Samajbadi Madhesi coalition obstructed Nepali Congress’s corner meeting in Birgunj on Saturday.

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            Main News

            Two fake medical license examinees arrested

            Manish Gautam, Nov 28 2015
            Police have arrested two fake examinees who were found attending the Nepal Medical Council (NMC) licensing examination on Saturday.
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            A bad year for schools

            Binod Ghimire, Nov 28 2015
            The current academic session is turning out to be the worst in recent memory
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            2k factories fall silent in industrial heartland

            SHANKAR ACHARYA , Nov 28 2015
            Nearly 2,000 factories in the country’s industrial heartland, the Bara-Parsa Industrial Corridor, have been shut down due to lack of raw materials as shipments from India have stopped due to the Tarai unrest.
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            Away fans have been banned from all football matches in France until mid-December following the Paris attacks.On 13 November, 130 people died in attacks across Paris, with three suicide bombs outside the Stade de France where France took on Germany.

            French league games went ahead the following weekend without away fans.
            The Interior Ministry has extended the ban due to a "lack of police forces available" during the ongoing state of emergency and upcoming Climate Summit.

            Health & Style

            Saturday Features

            Powered by the sun

            Prahlad Rijal
            A band that is fast becoming a very relevant act wishes ‘to become irrelevant’ in the next few years

            Game over

            Preena Shrestha
            Instead of charging into an explosive finale, the final episode of the Hunger Games is rather a dull, drawn-out crawl towards the inevitable—this, despite having the wonderful Jennifer Lawrence, and a raft of other big-name talents, in tow

            A bad year for schools

            Binod Ghimire
            The current academic session is turning out to be the worst in recent memory

            Lives in peril

            Manish Gautam
            As the blockade and protests continue, patients struggle to get adequate medical care

            Stories of the Old

            Kaustubh Thapa
            When I photograph, their eyes engage me, their wrinkle lines reflect their experiences if not narrate their stories, and the curve of their lips sets the mood for the picture.

            Hundreds of Flowers, One Nepali Garland

            David Caprara
            When members of the Nepal government decided to finally put forth a new constitution this year, it is highly unlikely that they had anticipated the ocean of Madhesi protests that have come to engulf Terai. One can imagine that the passing of the new constitution was supposed to be something exclusively symbolic—a ribbon of hope pinned to a year of devastation brought forth by the April and May earthquakes.

            New power

            It seems that we, the people, can’t do anything about the blockade except watch the ping pong match that is happening between our incompetent government and Madhesi-Tharu politicians. Our good-for-nothing clowns have been holding talks to resolve the crisis but it seems that they are only getting together for the free doodh chiya and biskoot. They are not really interested to find ways to compromise and end the ‘black market’ festival.

            The untimely coalition

            SARIN GHIMIRE
            Only when every major force is compelled to become accountable towards the citizens will the government create a conducive environment to resolve the current crisis

            In search of a saviour

            The festival of lights is over and we all have no choice but to face the darkness that hovers around us. Our government banned firecrackers and imposed a 10 pm curfew even during the festive season but such laws didn’t apply to dohoris and dance bars that operated past midnight, disturbing neighbourhoods.