Midnight clash erupts at Jogbani border

  • 21 trucks enter Nepal, no fuel tankers
Post Report, Oct 05 2015
A clash erupted between security personnel and Samyukta Loktantrik Madhesi Morcha supporters at the Jogbani border point of Biratnagar after police tried to remove the protesters who have been staging sit-in protests from their place around mid night on Sunday.
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IOC refuses to provide fuel despite assurances

    Rajesh Khanal, Oct 05 2015
    Vehicles wait for refuelling at Nepal Army petrol pump in Bhadrakali, Kathmandu, on Sunday. POST PHOTO: HEMANTA SHRESTHA
    Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) said on Sunday India continued to impose strict restriction on oil supply despite assurances on Saturday that it would provide required quantity of petroleum products.
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    Blockade, energy shortages goad country into looking for solutions

    SANJEEV GIRI, Kathmandu, Oct 05 2015
    Long vehicle queues are seen on the either side of the road near Sajha petrol pump in Pulchowk, Lalitpur, on Sunday. Surbindra Kumar Pun
    The fuel crisis created by the unofficial blockade of Nepal by India has launched a discourse on the country’s energy security.

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    Main News

    Energy crisis may hit banking services

    Post Report, Oct 05 2015
    Bankers on Sunday informed the central bank that banking services could be severely affected in the absence of fuel to run generators.
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    BFIs need Rs228 billion to meet paid-up capital requirement

    Post Report, Oct 05 2015
    Nepal’s banks and financial institutions (BFIs) will have to come up with a combined Rs228 billion in the next two years to fulfil the central bank’s directive to boost their paid-up capital.
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    FNCCI urges relief package to help economic recovery

    Post Report, Oct 05 2015
    The Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) has urged the government to launch a relief package to help the economy recover from the damage caused by the Tarai banda and unofficial blockade of Nepal by India.
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    The Three Star Club on Sunday thrashed Lumbini Football Club 5-0 in the match played at ANFA Complex at Saatdobato in the Capital city.

    After the win, Three Star secured the top position with 26 points under its belt. The Nepal Army club with 24 points is in second spot while Jhapa XI with equal points is in third position.

    Health & Style

    Fiction Park

    The Not So Great Storywriter

    Uttam Paudel, Oct 04 2015
    He yells with a mouth wide open enough for a swallow to nest in. Panting and gasping, he moves his hands and eyes all over his body, to check if he has transformed into a woman just as in one of his unfinished stories
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    Saturday Features

    The things left unsaid

    The things left unsaid
    take on strange powers,
    especially at night.

    Rage against the machine

    When the earthquake struck five months ago, it felt as though it had shaken the nation’s core for the better. The media, for the first time in ages, seemed to have been forced toinform people about things apart from what leaders said or did on a particular day.

    Bumbling Clowns

    We know that our incompetent government and our lazy civil servants really don’t know how to run this country. So let us not be surprised that our government has no clue how to resolve the crisis in Tarai and work with India to let the goods stranded in the border to enter our land.

    Let there be sight

    I’ve never seen anything like it. The transformations I’ve been witnessing, have stirred me for life, to say the least.A woman’s being able to see once again, after three years of blindness—imagine what that feels like.

    Chronicling a legend

    Timothy Aryal
    The first scene opens with motion pictures on the wall, accompanied by noises, narrating the Mahabharata as it appears in BP Koirala’s shortest novel, Modi Aayin. Excerpts from BP’s novels and short stories are staged inthe form of vignettes woven into the play.

    Clash of the worlds

    Preena Shrestha
    There are attempts at something resembling self-reflexivity in the newly released Highway to Dhampus. In what can be read as almost a personal disclaimer on the part of director Rick McFarland...

    No end in sight

    Rajesh Khanal
    Raj Kumar Kunwar, a taxi driver who hails from Sindhupalchok, has been waiting for a day and a half to fill up his cab’s tank. Kunwar, who is currently in queue at the Nepal Police-owned petrol pump in Naxal, just to receive about nine litres of petrol, says he has been operating his taxi only once in three days for the last week.

    Medical education in jeopardy

    Manish Gautam
    In the immediate aftermath of the earthquakes, which occurred earlier this year, the hospitals in the country struggled to cope with providing services.

    I will live on. Despite you

    Dipti Sherchan
    They say I have become a woman, a state-less woman, an invisible woman, a second class citizen, a third class existence, a blob of some sort gliding through public vehicles and busy streets. Thisparticular blob happens to also have two protruding blobs that constantly get grabbed and a gaping hole that is persistently abused. I do not know how I became this blob.