AFC Asian Cup 2019 Qualifiers: Nepal lose to Philippines 4-1

    Mar 28 2017
    Nepal lost to hosts Philippines 4-1 in the first away match of the AFC Asian Cup 2019 Qualifiers at Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila, Philippines on Tuesday evening.
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    Daya Lyagu festival [in pictures]

      Mar 28 2017
      People from Newar community participate in the annual chariot festival, locally known as ‘Daya Lyagu’, in Ason, Kathmandu on Tuesday.
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      ACC Emerging Nations Cup: Nepal go down to Bangladesh by 83 runs

      Post Report, KATHMANDU, Mar 28 2017
      Nepal suffered their second consecutive match at the hands of hosts Bangladesh by 83 runs in the ACC Emerging Nations Cup held at the Sheikh Kamal International Cricket Stadium in Bangladesh on Tuesday.

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      NFPJ, OJA condemn attack on photo journalists

      Post Report, Kathmandu, Mar 28 2017
      National Forum of Photojournalists (NFPJ) has condemned Tuesday’s Molotov cocktail attack on journalists outside Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus during the Free Students Union election at Exhibition road in Kathmandu.

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      Main News

      Influential leaders among 1500 cadres of mainstream parties join Samajwadi Forum

      Post Report, Mar 28 2017
      Over one thousand cadres including some influential leaders of various mainstream political parties joined Sanghiya Samajwadi Forum Nepal (SSFN) on Tuesday.
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      Bibeksheel Nepali calls applications for ‘open candidacy’

      Post Report, Mar 28 2017
      Bibeksheel Nepali Party has announced to adopt an ‘open candidacy policy’ to pick candidates for the upcoming local election.
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      Worst humanitarian crisis hits as Trump slashes foreign aid

      Associated Press, Mar 28 2017
      The world's largest humanitarian crisis in 70 years has been declared in three African countries on the brink of famine, just as President Donald Trump's proposed foreign aid cuts threaten to pull the United States from its historic role as the world's top emergency donor.
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      US President Donald Trump is due to sign an executive order to overturn key parts of the Obama administration's plan to tackle global warming.

      The move will undo the Clean Power Plan which required states to slash carbon emissions.

      The executive order also cuts the Environmental Protection Agency's budget. Regulations on oil, gas and coal production are to be reviewed.

      Mr Trump has promised to remove green rules which he says hurt the economy

      During the campaign, he vowed to pull the US out of the Paris climate deal agreed in December 2015.

      The White House said the new measures would "help keep energy and electricity affordable, reliable and clean in order to boost economic growth and job creation".

      But environmental groups warn that they will have serious consequences at home and abroad.

      What is Mr Trump's order changing?

      President Trump takes a very different approach to the environment from Mr Obama. The former president argued that climate change was "real and cannot be ignored".

      The Clean Power Plan sought to limit greenhouse gas emissions at coal-fired power plants to meet US commitments under the Paris accord.

      The regulation has been unpopular in Republican-run states, where it has been subjected to legal challenges - especially from businesses that rely on burning oil, coal and gas.

      Last year the Supreme Court temporarily halted the plan, while the challenges are heard.

      The Trump administration says that scrapping the plan will put people to work and reduce America's reliance on imported fuel.

      It says the president will be "moving forward on energy production in the US".

      "The previous administration devalued workers with their policies. We can protect the environment while providing people with work."

      The president also intends to slash funding of the Environmental Protection Agency by a third. He recently appointed climate change sceptic Scott Pruitt as its new head.

      What will the impact be?

      This order signed by President Trump is both a practical and a philosophical attempt to change the US narrative on climate change.

      His supporters say it will create thousands of jobs in the liberated oil and gas industries. His opponents agree the new order will be a job creator - but they'll be jobs for lawyers, not in the coal fields.

      Front and centre is practical action on the Clean Power Plan (CPP), the Obama project to cut fossil fuels from energy production. Although it has long been tied up in the courts, the new administration will leave it to fester there while they come up with a much weaker replacement.

      There will also be new, less restrictive rules on methane emissions from the oil and industry and more freedom to sell coal leases from federal lands.

      President Trump is signalling a significant change in the widely-held philosophy that CO2 is the enemy, the main driver of climate change.

      US environmentalists are aghast but also enraged. They will be queuing up to go to court. But in many ways that's playing into the hands of President Trump and the fossil fuel lobby.

      "Delay is what they want," one green source told me, "delay is winning."



      Interview Subash Nembang

      Mar 27 2017
      Positive vibes are fine but inter-party talks have nothing concrete to offer yet With the Madhesi Morcha and the CPN-UML at loggerheads over the issues of constitutional amendment and federal demarcation, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal recently held discussions with leaders of the Nepali Congress, the CPN-UML and the Samyukta Loktrantrik Madhesi Morcha in a bid to come to a consensus.
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      The Surya Nepal Kathmandu Open, fifth event on the Surya Nepal Golf Tour 2016-17, tees off at the Royal Nepal Golf Club on Tuesday.

      The tournament will be played over 72 holes and conclude on Friday. In all, 29 professional and 11 amateur golfers will take part in the tournament. Top 21 pro and top six amateur golfers will make the cut after 36 holes for the final two rounds.

      The event carries a total prize money Rs 500,000 with the winner winning Rs 85,000, runner-up taking home Rs. 58,000 and third place Rs 45,000. Other pros to make the cut are also assured of their share of cash prizes. Top ranked pro Shiva Ram Shrestha, Bhuwan Nagarkoti, Rabi Khadka, Sanjay Lama and Ram Thapa are main contenders of the new event added on the Surya Nepal Golf Tour this year.

      Tenzing Tsering, Sukra Bahadur Rai, Tanka Bahadur Karki, Shiva Kumar Majhi and Mithun Rai will be vying for the amateur championship. NPGA and RNGC President Rabindra Man Shrestha said: “We are delighted and thankful to the sponsor for adding this new event on the Surya Nepal Golf Tour. Pros and amateurs are getting more opportunity to compete, and I expect the scoring to be low this week. I wish all the players the very best.”

      Health & Style


      Attitude makes all the difference

      Mar 27 2017
      After over three decades in the hospitality industry, Shreejana Rana, the executive director at Hotel Annapurna, has set an example for the many women looking to break glass ceilings in the sector.
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      Saturday Features


      I have always felt like colour is an integral element of our world, not just in the natural environment but also in man-made architecture.

      Our age of anger

      Atul K Thakur
      The Economist, usually conservative while praising public intellectuals, made a marked departure when labeling Pankaj Mishra “The Heir to Edward Said”; a high praise that understandably found its way to the masthead of Mishra’s remarkable new book Age of Anger:

      To catch a breath

      Dr Bikalpa Paudel
      The virtue of mastering one’s own mind has often been touted as being crucial to a satisfactory and productive life.

      Our Emperor goes to China!

      Our Emperor is now in China, hoping to enjoy some dumplings while he is on a week-long vacation.

      The song of the very last meeting

      Subhaaya Shakya
      You say people seek immortality. That people are naturally immortal. And that is why nature ensures DNAs are carried forward by off-springs.

      Ground zero: Pattharpuruwa

      Timothy Aryal
      The pleasures two different forms of art, say a book and a play, elicit are quite different. Reading is a solitary activity.

      Empty chest-thumper

      The world’s most notorious ape returns to the screen in Kong: Skull Island, the latest reboot of the 1933 classic that first introduced us to the jumbo-sized simian.

      The Person in a Woman

      Irina Giri
      The Kathmandu Triennale is here and so is the excitement of having almost 50 artists from around the world gather in Kathmandu to exhibit their interpretations of the city.

      In between the lines

      As a photojournalist, I specialise in the culture and heritage beat, capturing regional and national jatras, festivals and rituals, and local people and places through my lenses.