Nepal-Japan to devise labour mechanism for migration of Nepali workers

    Japan and Nepal have agreed to devise a new labour mechanism at the earliest for sending Nepali workers to Japan.
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    Government sets stage to hold Investment Summit in March

      Sanjaya Lama, Anuj Kumar Adhikari, Jan 17 2019
      The government has decided to hold Investment Summit in the last week of March in a bid to attract foreign investment in the country.
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      7 killed in Parbat bus accident

        At least seven persons died in a passenger bus accident at Kushma Municipality in Parbat district on Thursday morning.
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        Gagan Thapa urges government to address demands of Dr KC

        Sanjaya Lama, Kathmandu, Jan 17 2019
        Nepali Congress leader Gagan Thapa has urged the government to address the demands of Dr Govinda KC, who has been staging an indefinite hunger strike in Ilam, without any condition.

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        How Nepal’s ultra-rich are using foreign direct investment to turn their black money into white

        BIBEK SUBEDI, Kathmandu, Jan 16 2019
        A Centre for Investigative Journalism-Nepal report paints a damning picture of how illegal money is coming into country from tax havens in the form of foreign direct investment.

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        Country will strive on the path to rapid development: PM Oli

        Anuj Kumar Adhikari, Kathmandu, Jan 17 2019
        Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that the development works will gain rapid momentum from now onwards as the government remained occupied with formulating necessary laws and other necessary preparations in the past year.

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        Main News

        Civil Society members take initiatives to bring Dr KC to Kathmandu

        Sanjaya Lama, Jan 17 2019
        Members of Civil Society have started taking initiatives to bring Dr Govinda KC, who has been staging his 16th hunger strike in Ilam, to Kathmandu after his health deteriorated further.
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        Five Nepali men held captive in Libya, families seek help for their safe release

        SAMUEL CHHETRI, Jan 17 2019
        Family members of five Nepali youths, who have been held captive in Misrata district of Libya, have urged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to facilitate their rescue and repatriation.
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        Locals protest against construction of dry port in Chobhar (In photos)

        SAMUEL CHHETRI, Jan 17 2019
        Locals on Thursday organised a protest against the government plan to establish a dry port in Chobhar of Kirtipur Municipality, Kathmandu.
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        Sherpa leaves for Australia to pack her bags

        ANIL GIRI, Jan 17 2019
        Nepali Ambassador to Australia Lucky Sherpa left for Australia on Monday after the Nepali government told her to pack up and return to Kathmandu. Sherpa, who had been accused by her driver Wongchhu Sherpa of taking money from Nepalis to smuggle them into Australia, is under pressure to resign.
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        Health & Style

        Fiction Park

        The brightest star

        Aadesh Subedi, Jan 13 2019
        Do we really turn into a star after our demise?” she asked in disbelief. With a sly smile on her face, Sita pulled her daughter in her lap and replied, “Yes! We transform into one of those bright stars after our death.
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        Walk and earn

        Bibhu Luitel, Jan 14 2019
        With the New Year, resolutions are made every year to exercise more, stay healthy and walk and run more. But as with most resolutions, a few weeks into the new year, they tend to get forgotten. But if you could get paid for staying fit, would that encourage you to walk or run more?
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        Saturday Features

        Good, but not quite best

        Richa Bhattarai
        In ‘March, Me and Sakura’ by Geetanjali Shree, a 70-year-old Indian mother travels to Japan to be with her son. At first wary of the unfamiliar country and afraid of venturing out, she ends up an adventurous soul, freeing the child within in the new land, far from judgment and societal restrictions. It is enthralling to travel with her and shed our inhibitions alongside.

        Grandma with swag

        At 11 am sharp every morning, a voice resounds through our quiet Kupondole neighbourhood, disturbing all our neighbours from their daily chores.

        It is a curse to begin with

        Prajwalla Dahal
        I knew attachment was a rope that’dpull your legs the moment you find an escape,and cages are like magnets,sticking on metal,

        The rise of a strongman

        Referring to the sweeping authority that the parliament reinstated after the 2006 people’s movement wielded, to strip the king of all his historic and constitutional powers, people often said in jest that Nepal’s legislature was unable to do only one thing—to make the rivers flow upstream.

        Irresponsible and immature

        In the digital age, Nepali filmmakers seem to believe they have to cultivate their audience—either by cashing in on the fame of a ‘superstar’, presenting a ‘unique story’, or tapping into contemporary mores.


        Sagar Chhetri
        Nepal’s southern border with India was created 150 years ago by external parties who probably did not realise they were cutting communities in two.

        The Mahakavi’s scribe

        Bibhu Luitel
        What Lord Ganesh was to Maharshi Vyas, I was to Devkota ji,” says Shyam Das Baishnav, referring to his long-standing friendship with Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota. 

        Bright business

        Prakash Chandra Timilsena
        There are many villages in Nepal where labour migration has become routine—people go abroad for work and return home with some hard-earned money, andexperiences.

        In the name of politics

        It seems that one can get away with murder, win election, go into hiding and meet the country’s Prime Monster in a foreign land and then come back, surrender, stay in jail and then take the oath of office as one of our lawmakers and then go back to jail and wait for the government to hopefully withdraw the case soon. How on earth can a person who is in jail take the oath of office as a member of the House?