RJPN accuses govt of dishonouring deal, warns of consequences

    Post Report, Apr 26 2017
    The Sanghiya Gathabandan comprising Madhes-based political parties has warned of resorting to agitation in protest against the agreement between the ruling and opposition parties to not increase the number of local units immediately.
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    Decision to increase local units rolled back

    Post Report, Kathmandu, Apr 26 2017
    The government has decided to roll back its decision to increase local units.

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    Missing Taiwanese couple found: man alive, woman dead

    Post Report, DHADING, Apr 26 2017
    A Taiwanese couple was found 47 days after they went missing while trekking at Rubi Valley in Dhading district.

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    Govt decides to divide parts of Rukum and Nawalparasi

    Kathmandu, Apr 26 2017
    The government on Wednesday has decided to make changes to some areas of existing Rukum and Nawalparasi districts.

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    Main News

    NEB Examinations Controller Aryal sacked

    Post Report, Apr 26 2017
    National Examinations Board (NEC) Examinations Controller Santosh Aryal was removed from his post on Wednesday
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    RPP unveils manifesto for local level elections

    Post Report, Apr 26 2017
    The Rastriya Prajatantr Party (RPP) has unveiled its manifesto for the upcoming local level elections on Wednesday.
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    Devotees throng Matatirtha on Mother's Day (Photo feature)

    Apr 26 2017
    Devotees thronged the Matatirtha temple at Chandragiri Municipality in Kathmandu on Wednesday to mark the Matatirtha Aunsi or Mother's Day festival.
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    Turkish warplanes struck Kurdish militant targets in northern Iraq on Wednesday, killing six militants, the military said in a statement, as part of a widening campaign against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

    The statement said the air strikes targeted the Zap region, the Turkish name for a river which flows across the Turkish-Iraqi border and is known as Zab in Iraq.

    On Tuesday, Turkish planes bombed Kurdish militants in Iraq's Sinjar region and northeast Syria, killing around 70 militants inside the two neighbouring states, according to a Turkish military statement.

    Designated a terrorist group by Turkey, the United States and the European Union, the PKK has waged a three-decade insurgency against the Turkish state for Kurdish autonomy. More than 40,000 people have been killed in the conflict, most of them Kurds.



    Nepali boxing will see its first ever professional bout from May 19 with the beginning of Champ of Champions, a gateway for boxers to earn World Boxing Council (WBC) Asia and WBC license.

    Max Boxing Promotion and Dancing Yak are jointly organising the Champ of Champions after getting an approval from WBC. The organisers claims that the winner will not only earn WBC Asian and WBC license but also opportunities to clash against professional boxers across the world.

    A selection tournament consisting of 16 boxers will be held on May 19-20 from where eight pugilists will qualify for the tournament proper scheduled one and half month later, informed the organisers on Tuesday. The champion will earn Rs 200,000, the first runners-up will get Rs 30,000 and second runner-up  will take home Rs 10,000 respectively.

    The event will be fought in just one weight division and will be named Pro Boxing Light Weight 61kg. “This is an opportunity for our boxers to go professional internationally. It will also help lure more boxers to take up the sport,” said Manohar Basnet ‘Max’ a national boxing champion himself.

    “I have been national champion several times in amateur boxing but throughout my career I never had anything to boast around. In professional boxing, the boxers will not only earn money but also get an opportunity to rule the ring in certain weight categories at international level. This event will certainly take Nepali boxing to a new height,” said Basnet.

    Max Boxing Promotion is a wing under Nepal Pro Boxing Commission, which itself is at its premature stage. Basnet said the Max Boxing Promotion has been authorised by the WBC Asia and WBC. The participating boxers are hand-picked by Basnet himself for the pro championship. “This is just a start for us and with time, the selection of the boxers will get more systematic,” he added.

    Health & Style

    Saturday Features

    Time hangs heavy

    Tuesday marks two years since the Nepal Earthquake 2015, but the scars and wounds left behind by the disaster, particularly at various heritage sites in the Valley, still remain massively uncured,

    Unification fever

    First of all, let us thank our government for giving us a public holiday on Monday so that our President need not see the traffic jam in the city as she left for India.

    Beyond reconstruction

    April 2017 marks the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Nepal, which took almost 8,860 lives, injured 22,000, damaged 602,257 houses, and rendered thousands of people homeless.

    (Not so) Open Spaces

    Looza Mahaju
    In a few months’ time, Newars of Kathmandu valley will celebrate Gathe Muga, and in doing so will celebrate the openness of Kathmandu that now solely exists in photos and nostalgic memories of old and not-so-old-timers (such as yours truly).

    Leave no one behind

    Dr Rolina Dhital
    It is now approaching two years since the day we lived through the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake. These two years have been a rollercoaster ride of emotions for most of us, a time of fear, anxiety, anger and frustration, punctured by brief glimmers of hope.

    There and back again

    Aditi Adhikari
    In 2004, my family and I went to Langtang with some family-friends. Although many details of that trip faded over the years, I revisited many times the awe that I felt when I woke up in Kyanjin Gompa,

    Vertigo in the Valley

    During the Maoist insurgency and the tenuous peace that followed, Kathmandu Valley’s population boomed like never before.

    The Greater Good

    Kavre, Paanchkhaal, was our first destination. The people there expected us to only mend and reconstruct the houses—bringing them back into their previous shapes—that were destroyed. But we had something else envisioned. We wanted to build an integrated model settlement; a settlement wherein every family in the community would come together to share a space where all the resources would be distributed equally to all the families.

    The Red Line for Holi

    Supriya Manandhar, Nasala Chitrakar
    In light of last month’s social media furore regarding harassment during Holi, the authors conducted a short poll to understand the extent and dimension of the issue. Here is what they found