Interview with Shyam Shrestha: This leftist electoral alliance will move towards unification

    Dec 11 2017
    Shyam Shrestha is a highly respected left-leaning thinker who earlier was the editor of Mulyankan Monthy, a magazine that provides a widely followed forum for leftist and democratic debate.
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    Congress should do some soul-searching, say leaders

    • Calls get louder for holding special general convention immediately
    Manish Gautam, Dec 11 2017
    Following an electoral debacle, voices are growing within the Nepali Congress to hold a special general convention for revamping the party organisation. As resentment builds up in the party rank and file, questions are being raised at the party leadership for its utter failure to attract voters.
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    Election overview: UML victorious in 72 federal constituencies, leading in 10

    • Maoist Centre wins 26 seats, Nepali Congress 14
    Post Report, Dec 10 2017
    The CPN-UML has emerged victorious in 72 federal constituencies and is leading in 10 constituencies so far. The party has won the election in 134 provincial constituencies and is leading in 22 provincial constituencies.
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    Ministries fail to submit project proposals for BRI

      Post Report, Dec 11 2017
      Five different ministries have submitted names of 22 projects that could be built under China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), but they have failed to present detailed proposals as directed by the Ministry of Finance (MoF),
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      New govt likely in first week of January

        Post Report, Dec 11 2017

        Vote counting of the House of Representatives (HoR) and Provincial Assembly (PA) elections may be nearing conclusion, but it will take another month to form a new government, according to officials. 

        If the current alliance of CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Centre) goes well even after the elections, UML Chairman KP Oli is expected to lead a coalition government of the two parties. Sources within the parties say there is informal understanding between UML chief Oli and Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal on post-election power sharing but they are reluctant to make it public as yet. The country will get a new prime minister within the first week of January next year, multiple sources say. 

        It will take another 5-6 days to complete the counting of votes of both the proportional representation (PR) and first-past-the-post elections. After the Election Commission (EC) comes out with the final number of seats for parties under the PR category, the parties need at least a week to finalise names of nominees for the House of Representatives under the PR category.

        “Once we have the number of seats that parties will get under the PR category, we will write a letter to parties to provide the name of leaders to be nominated. Parties will require at least seven days,” said EC Spokesperson Navaraj Dhakal. “The EC will submit the election results to President Bidya Devi Bhandari within the last week of this month. Parties also need a few days to elect parliamentary party leader.” 

        To form the government, there is no need of calling the session of HOR.  A constitutional provision states ‘President shall appoint the leader of a parliamentary party that commands majority in HOR as the prime minster, and council of ministers shall be constituted under his or her chairmanship’. 

        In cases where no party has a clear majority in HoR, the President shall appoint as the prime minister a member of the House of Representatives who can command majority with the support of two or more parties representing to the House of Representatives. 

        The size of HOR is 275--165 parliamentarians elected under the FPTP category and 110 under the PR category. To form the government, 138 seats are required in the HoR.  The third option is electing the parliamentary party leader of party with the highest number of members who should win vote of confidence within 30 days from Parliament.  As Under the FPTP category, the UML is set to emerge as the largest party, followed by the Maoist Centre in second place and the Nepali Congress third. However, the positions of the Maoist Centre and the NC could change once the seats under the PR category come into equation. 

        Besides the formation of government, there are some additional tasks which must be undertaken without delay. First, the parties will have to finalise a Bill regarding the formation of the National Assembly. The President shall summon a session of the Federal Parliament within 30 days of the declaration of final results of the elections to the House of Representatives. That will also kick start a process for the formation of provincial governments. 

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        Key architects of left alliance Bamdev, Shrestha suffer loss

        • UML top leaders, including party Chairman Oli, Khanal, Nembang register convincing wins
        Post Report, Dec 11 2017
        Post Photo
        While the left alliance of CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Centre) is flying high with resounding victory in House of Representatives (HoR) and Provincial Assembly elections countrywide,
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        Madhesi parties hold little sway outside Province 2

          TIKA R PRADHAN, Dec 11 2017
          Even as the alliance of the Sanghiya Samajbadi Forum Nepal and the Rastriya Janata Party Nepal looks to win over 20 seats of the House of Representatives, results show the Madhes-based parties’ influence is limited to Province 2.
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          Ex-NRA CEO Pokharel loses to Janamorcha's Poudel

          GIRU BHANDARI, PYUTHAN, Dec 11 2017
          Rastriya Janamorcha's Durga Poudel after her electoral victory in Pyuthan. POST PHTO: GIRU PRASAD BHANDARI
          Rastriya Janamorcha party has account in federal parliament with a victory of its candidate Durga Poudel in Pyuthan district.

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          Taskforce submits report on venues for Province-4 parliament, agencies

          LAL PRASAD SHARMA, Pokhara, Dec 11 2017
          Pokhara Sabha Griha is one of the proposed venues for Province-4 parliament. POST PHOTO
          A taskforce formed by the Western Regional Administration Office has submitted its preliminary report concerning the venues for provincial parliament and provincial government offices for Province-4 to the Prime Minister’s Office, with Pokhara as the headquarters.

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          Weak link with common people blamed for Nidhi’s unexpected loss

          SHYAM SUNDAR SHASHI, JANAKPUR, Dec 11 2017
          Bimalendra Nidhi
          Bimalendra Nidhi, an influential Nepali Congress (NC) leader and former deputy prime minister, became another casualty for the grand old party suffering a shocking defeat in the election for federal parliament from Dhanusha-3.

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          Top NC leaders fail to rescue party

          CHANDAN KUMAR MANDAL, Kathmandu, Dec 11 2017
          As the vote count nears conclusion, the Nepali Congress’s poor run in the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly elections exacerbates with most of its prominent leaders suffering defeat.

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          CPN-UML leads in popular vote too

          PRITHVI MAN SHRESTHA, Kathmandu, Dec 11 2017
          The CPN-UML, which looks likely to win a majority of the first-past-the-post seats in elections to both the House of Representatives and provincial assemblies, also leads the tally in early proportional representation vote count. The Nepali Congress, which faced a crushing electoral defeat in direct polls, closely follows the UML in the PR race.

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          How abnormal is the normal (Watch videos)

          Post Report, Kathmandu, Dec 10 2017
          An experiment with gender role reversal - comprising a mix of invisible theatre and animation —will see the stereotypical gender roles reversed, in a bid to show how abnormal the normal truly is when seen from a different perspective.

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          Main News

          Bina Thapa Magar elected with wide margin from Kanchanpur-1

          Post Report, Dec 11 2017
          CPN (Maoist Centre) candidate Bina Thapa Magar has been elected to federal parliament from Kanchanpur-1. She defeated her nearest rival candidate Dewan Singh Bista of Nepali Congress (NC) by a margin of 19248 votes.
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          Forum, Congress trade blows at victory rallies

          Post Report, Dec 11 2017
          Clashes broke out during victory rallies taken out by the Sanghiya Samajbadi Forum Nepal (SSF-N) and the Nepali Congress (NC) in Rautahat on Sunday.
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          Newly elected reps reach out to Tingla folk with pledges

          KUMBHARAJ RAI, Dec 11 2017
          The newly-elected representatives of federal parliament and provincial assembly in Solukhumbu district have reached out to the local people of Tingla who boycotted all three levels of elections--local, federal parliamentary and provincial assembly polls.
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          Health & Style

          Fiction Park

          A pair of eyes

          Sulochana Manandhar, Dec 03 2017
          Prisons have always fascinated me, perhaps because one only hears about what goes inside its high walls, but can’t really tell how much truth there is to it.
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          Grow in service, grow with service

          ALISHA SIJAPATI, Dec 11 2017
          To come in and run a well-established business is a daunting task for even the most seasoned of managers, never mind a college-going student. But Aagraha Aryal, a 20-year-old hotel management student, was forced to take up the reins at Hotel Crown Himalayas in Pokhara as just a teenager following a family tragedy.
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          Saturday Features

          Lost in reflection

          Sandesh Ghimire
          At a time when there were forests in Kathmandu and the Bagmati was crystal blue, two young boys go out to hunt doves in the morning without informing their parents.

          Are we there yet?

          First of all let us congratulate our government for successfully holding our local, provincial and parliamentary elections.

          Story of a M-other’s grief

          Sadikshya Dulal
          A child who loses a parent is called an orphan, but when parents lose their child there isn’t a word to describe them. May be rightly so, as there cannot be a word to describe such a loss and the pain that comes with it.

          The draftsman of Nepali Pop

          Nhooja Tuladhar
          For a Kathmandu resident who lived in the city in the 90s and the early years of the millennium, Anil Sthapit’s workspace—a modestly-sized third-floor apartment in a building opposite to Ranjana Shopping Centre’s entrance—is like a time machine.

          My relationships with book reviews

          Pratyoush Onta
          Over the course of one’s life, one can have many different types of relationships with book reviews. First, of course, is the relationship of a reader of book reviews written by others.

          Whodunit? Who cares?

          The danger of becoming used to seeing a certain actor play an iconic character for a considerable stretch of time—more so if that actor is particularly skilled and has made the part his own—is that you risk never truly being able to accept anyone else in a given role.

          Pilachhen’s resolve to create model from rubble

          Prawash Gautam
          My husband died of shock during the earthquake,” says middle-aged Sanu Maya Maharjan, as her eyes begin to brim. Beside her, Thulo Sanu Maya, whose eyes are also welling up,

          Evening in Paris

          Anand Gurung
          They say Paris and romancego hand-in-hand, like lovers strolling leisurelyalong the banks of Seinewith eyes meant only for one another,

          The beginning of the end

          We are now close to finally getting done with elections in our land for a while. If everything goes well then our government won’t have to waste billions of Rupees for the next five years on elections and our netas,