NC, UML in separate meetings to discuss Morcha’s demands

    Post Report, Dec 01 2015
    Two major parties Nepali Congress and CPN-UML are holding separate discussions on the demands of agitating Samyukta Loktantrik Madhesi Morcha on Tuesday evening.
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    NWPP lawmakers chant slogan against Indian envoy Rae during House meeting

    Post Report, Kathmandu, Dec 01 2015
    Lawmakers of Nepal Workers and Peasants Party (NWPP) on Tuesday chanted slogan against Indian Ambassador to Nepal Ranjit Rae during the Legislature Parliament meeting.

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    Govt to launch campaign to educate people on new constitution

    Post Report, Kathmandu, Dec 01 2015
    The government is preparing to conduct a month-long awareness campaign (Dec 7 to Jan 6) to educate people about the features of new constitution.

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    Main News

    Madhesi alliance leaders meet NC Prez Koirala

    RSS, Dec 01 2015
    Leaders of Federal Inclusive Madhesi Alliance held discussions with Nepali Congress President and former Prime Minister Sushil Koirala at latter's residence in Maharajgunj in the Capital on Tuesday.
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    AirAsia crash: Faulty part 'major factor'

    BBC, Dec 01 2015
    A faulty component was a "major factor" when an AirAsia plane crashed into the Java Sea, killing 162 people last December, Indonesian officials say.
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    Govt tells India not to repeat such incidents

    Post Report, Dec 01 2015
    Expressing serious concern over Indian security forces’ entry into the Nepali territory on Sunday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday said that it has urged the Indian authorities to make such incidents are not repeated in future.
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    Non Resident Nepalese Association (NRNA) and Nepal Olympic Committee (NOC) on Sunday reached an agreement as per which the association will be a partner to the Olympic campaign running in Nepal.

    At a programme held at the NOC building, NOC Chairman Jivan Ram Shrestha and NRNA Chairman Shesh Ghale signed the agreement.

    The NOC will also organize various sporting events on October 11 – the day when NRNA was established, it was said.

    The NRNA will provide necessary materials for foreign training and competition for some capable athletes and players, scholarships for players participating in the Asian and Olympic games, and search for donors and multi-national companies for development of sport related infrastructures in Nepal.

    NRNA Chairman Ghale said the agreement would help consolidate the relations between the Nepali people and second generation NRNA while adding that the Nepali players failed to gain achievements not due to lack of capability but appropriate training and opportunity.

    NOC Chairman Shrestha expressed belief that the country could now bring good results in the international arena in the coming days with the support of NRNA in the campaign to keep the country's head high.

    During the programme, NRNA Chairman Ghale was provided Honorary Membership of the NOC.

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    Fiction Park


    Nov 29 2015
    The man raised his head and looked at them. These are strange nightingales, he thought. I have seen this species of birds but never like them. Then what are they? Nightingales, I’m sure they are not. Perhaps they are the messengers from god, or maybe they are the lost fragments of my past. Or maybe they are just birds, a new species of them. “Whatever,” he whispered to himself and abandoned the thought
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    Saturday Features

    Powered by the sun

    Prahlad Rijal
    A band that is fast becoming a very relevant act wishes ‘to become irrelevant’ in the next few years

    Game over

    Preena Shrestha
    Instead of charging into an explosive finale, the final episode of the Hunger Games is rather a dull, drawn-out crawl towards the inevitable—this, despite having the wonderful Jennifer Lawrence, and a raft of other big-name talents, in tow

    A bad year for schools

    Binod Ghimire
    The current academic session is turning out to be the worst in recent memory

    Lives in peril

    Manish Gautam
    As the blockade and protests continue, patients struggle to get adequate medical care

    Stories of the Old

    Kaustubh Thapa
    When I photograph, their eyes engage me, their wrinkle lines reflect their experiences if not narrate their stories, and the curve of their lips sets the mood for the picture.

    Hundreds of Flowers, One Nepali Garland

    David Caprara
    When members of the Nepal government decided to finally put forth a new constitution this year, it is highly unlikely that they had anticipated the ocean of Madhesi protests that have come to engulf Terai. One can imagine that the passing of the new constitution was supposed to be something exclusively symbolic—a ribbon of hope pinned to a year of devastation brought forth by the April and May earthquakes.

    New power

    It seems that we, the people, can’t do anything about the blockade except watch the ping pong match that is happening between our incompetent government and Madhesi-Tharu politicians. Our good-for-nothing clowns have been holding talks to resolve the crisis but it seems that they are only getting together for the free doodh chiya and biskoot. They are not really interested to find ways to compromise and end the ‘black market’ festival.

    The untimely coalition

    Only when every major force is compelled to become accountable towards the citizens will the government create a conducive environment to resolve the current crisis

    In search of a saviour

    The festival of lights is over and we all have no choice but to face the darkness that hovers around us. Our government banned firecrackers and imposed a 10 pm curfew even during the festive season but such laws didn’t apply to dohoris and dance bars that operated past midnight, disturbing neighbourhoods.