EU reps violate election code in Kanchanpur


Rajendra Kumar Acharya, chief election officer of Kanchanpur district, on Tuesday wrote to the Election Commission (EC), urging the poll body to bar European Union (EU) representatives from observing elections in all three constituencies of the district. Acharya, a judge at Kanchanpur District Court, informed the EC that the EU representatives were involved in activities that were in violation of the election code of conduct. 

A three-member EU team—two foreigners and Nepali interpreter—arrived in the district last week on a poll observation mission. 

“We recommended action against the EU representatives after we found their involvement in objectionable activities such as entering the court premises and asking officials about political situation and human resources of the court,” said Acharya, adding that their action is blatant infringement on court jurisdiction.

According to Acharya, the EU team met all three election officers including him and enquired about elections. “The EU team entered the district court on Sunday and asked various questions including officials’ postings and political issues,” said Acharya. “This is clear violation of poll code of conduct. Only the Supreme Court and high courts can monitor the district court.” 

A meeting of EC officials chaired by Election Commissioner Narendra Dahal on Wednesday concluded that the two EU observers should be barred from observing the elections. But a decision on the matter is likely to be taken on Thursday, said 
an EC source.

Published: 2017-11-23 07:37:57