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A safe workplace

Posted Dec 11 2017 by SHOBHA ADHIKARI Filed under safe workplace

International news channels today are speaking strongly against sexual harassment which is creating awareness around the world. Famous people in many fields have been exposed for committing sexual harassment.
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What is life

Posted Dec 07 2017 by NIRDESH SUBEDI

Death, it sounds frightening. But slowly, we are all moving towards it. Isn’t it important for us to realise deeply that we experience the presence and absence of some people?
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Citizens of the world

Posted Nov 23 2017 by MANSI KARNA

The world today has blossomed into the fragrance of the 21st century. Globalisation has played its part in bringing people closer.
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Choose wisely

Posted Nov 22 2017 by Saroj Wagle

In Nepal, politics is the most talked about subject, be it on the news or local tea shops. There are nearly 80 political parties that are now officially registered in the country.
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Life on the streets

Posted Nov 22 2017 by NILISHA TULADHAR Filed under Life on the streets

One day, I was riding my scooter down New Road and saw that the police officers stationed there to direct traffic seemed to be acting just like ordinary people.
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When she got stood up

Posted Nov 17 2017 by Deepika Acharya Filed under Postplatform

“ Good morning, Swoyup!” she said and headed towards her cabin. It was a routine for her. It was her third year at the office and this had become her ritual.
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Let’s stand once again!

Posted Nov 13 2017 by Prem Sharma Filed under nomadic stone age, modern era, Nepal

Ever since the establishment of human civilisations, we have gone through many ups and downs.
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The taxi revolution

Posted Oct 31 2017 by Bivek Khatiwada

Travelling in a public vehicle in Kathmandu is often taxing, to say the least. Right from when you board the vehicle to when you disembark, the experience is invariably always draining.
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Cause of death: Unknown

Posted Oct 13 2017 by RUBY KHADGI Filed under Foreign Employee Health Centre

Migrant workers from South Asia are found in almost all countries around the globe. Movements from South Asia to East and Southeast Asia are steadily increasing, with Malaysia as the primary destination.
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Google’s flagship sets sail

Posted Oct 10 2017 by MAMINA SHRESTHA

On October 4, in a high-anticipated event, Google launched a varied set of products ranging from smartphones and voice assistants to speakers, cameras and wireless earphones. In case you have been wondering about what exactly Google has laid out this year, here’s a brief walkthrough.
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Latest political development sends ripples to grassroots

Posted Oct 07 2017 by Jitendra Sah Filed under leftist political parties , parliamentary and provincial elections

The recent decision by leftist political parties to forge alliance ahead of the upcoming elections of Federal Parliament and Provincial Assembly has created waves in grassroots level.
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