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Shadow of Bolshevism

Posted Oct 17 2018 by HITKAR ARYAL Filed under Bolshevism

Our problem is that we believe in revenge. Once a king was travelling in the countryside where he happened to touch a nettle. Its stinging hair gave the king such sharp pain that he immediately ordered all the nettles in the country to be wiped out.
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Taking the lead

Posted Sep 16 2018 Filed under human resource crunch, foreign-affiliated colleges, The Collegian

Naresh Lamgade completed his Bachelor’s in Computing from the Kathmandu-based Islington College last year. After graduation, he went on to form Cynical Technology, which marked its first anniversary this week. The company might only be a year old but it has managed to establish itself a fairly well-known name in cyber security, providing services to a number of institutions, including different government agencies. Recently, the company even received a contract to provide cyber security to the Malaysia-based online payment organization, Payment Gateway.
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Reversing the brain drain

Posted Sep 16 2018 by Binod Ghimire Filed under foreign students, The Collegian

It might surprise many to learn that Nepal does not just export students to foreign countries, but is also a destination for foreign students, primarily from India, who come here to study medicine. For these students, medical colleges in Nepal are not just cheaper but are also reputed for being of a certain quality.
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International degree at doorsteps

Posted Sep 16 2018 Filed under The Collegian

As Nepali students continue to fly abroad in hopes of pursuing a better education, colleges in Nepal have attempted to deal with this practice on their own terms, seeking affiliations from foreign colleges and promising a foreign degree from Nepal itself. Since the very first foreign affiliation was granted in 1993 to now, around five dozen others have obtained such affiliations and now offer international degrees to thousands of students from Nepal itself and at relatively affordable fees.
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Foreign degrees, domestic colleges

Posted Sep 16 2018 by BINOD GHIMIRE Filed under Foreign degrees, international universities, domestic colleges

Nepali students continue to leave the country in droves to pursue higher education abroad. Government records show that 60,000 such students left the country last fiscal year, nearly double the number from the previous 2015-16 fiscal year. As more and more students and their parents have come to realise the value of a quality education, one that might not be so readily available in Nepal, the number of young Nepalis leaving the country in pursuit of a university education has duly increased.
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Been to the library lately?

Posted Aug 09 2018 by Dixya Poudel

By definition, library is a room or building that houses a collection of books, newspapers, periodicals, documents and prints in physical or digital formats. Libraries offer books that are a source of knowledge, imagination, creativity and awe. A library is where the intellect merges with imagination. I have always thought of libraries as a sort of a sacred place, a sanctuary of knowledge.
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Woman of today

Posted Jul 27 2018 by NILISHA TULADHAR Filed under arranged marriage, patriarchal belief

My friend was getting married in a few months. It was an arranged marriage, something I had not heard about for a couple of years. I could feel the excitement in her voice when she told me about the preparations that were going on in her house. “I was confused in the beginning.
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Postplatform: Words are flowing out

Posted Jul 18 2018 by SOMY PAUDYAL Filed under Words have power

The soothing tongue is a tree of life, but a perverse tongue crushes the spirit.
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Healthy minds, healthy people

Posted Jul 12 2018 by ANJAN PRASAD PARAJULI Filed under mentally ill, mental health, physical and mental tests

Normally, when people talk about health, they mean physical health. But there is no health without mental health. According to the World Health Organisation, health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely absence of disease or infirmity.
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SEE you around

Posted Jul 05 2018 by Rishi Ram Paudyal Filed under Secondary Education Examination, SLC exams, GPA

The world is changing, and so should the education system in Nepal. Needless to say, there have been changes as compared to the past. We have shifted from giving the exam results in numbers and percentages to GPA (grade point average).
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Power breakfast

Posted Jul 04 2018 by Manohar Shrestha Filed under Postplatform

Today, many hotels advertise their ‘power’ breakfasts in various national dailies to woo customers. These power breakfasts are normally a Western set or table d’hôte menu served as a large spread of buffet that would typically consist choices of breads and meats, cereals, marmalade, butter, cheese, eggs; sea food, vegetables, dairies, juices, exotic fruit platter, and tea and coffee.
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