Safety first

Proposed rule of making the helmet a must for pillion riders is welcome

May 21 2019

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In a constant state of confusion

One year on, the Nepal Communist party is yet to decide on a single, unified ideology

May 19 2019

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Let's have no more political appointments at universities

In a welcome piece of news, a government task force has recommended that university officials be appointed on merit basis after proper evaluation of different leadership qualities, which, if implemented, will ensure a major departure from the longstanding practice of political appointment.

May 16 2019

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Prisons need to be decongested immediately

Overcrowding and inhumane conditions are the hallmarks of Nepali prisons

May 15 2019

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MPs should stick to legislating and let local units carry out development plans

The budget is around the corner. This means lawmakers have started seeking pork barrels for their constituencies like it is an annual function they all need to participate in.

May 14 2019

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The Media Council Bill further endangers press freedom

The government wants to use its numerical strength to create tyrannies of the majority in order to isolate the dissenting stance

May 13 2019

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In disarray

The centre must immediately assign secretaries to the wards in Baglung if it is serious about making federalism work.

May 12 2019

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Perverse situation

The country's cereal import bill hits a record high despite bumper harvests

May 09 2019

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The government’s plan of finding employment for 500,000 seems far-fetched

Although the government’s employment programmes seem promising, implementation will be challenging

May 08 2019

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The future of education

The government needs to release the education reform report so that a larger discourse may begin

May 07 2019

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Control measures

To prevent potential pathogenic outbreaks, the authorities need to respond better

May 06 2019

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