Foul and contaminated

Govt should tighten the Food Act and take strict actions against the perpetrators

Jun 20 2018

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All is not well

Lack of co-ordination among ministries not a good sign for the government

Jun 19 2018

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The India connection

The opening of four new air routes is welcome news but implementation is key

Jun 18 2018

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The old party’s new test

NC continues to disappoint those who like to see it act up as a robust opposition

Jun 15 2018

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How to stay on track

Oli govt could have asked UN DPA for a drawdown, but with greater finesse

Jun 14 2018

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Bad blood continues

To banish Chhaupadi, besides having a new law, we need to change our behaviour

Jun 13 2018

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Bulldozing Batuk Bhairav

Public contractors should observe architectural norms stipulated by the government

Jun 12 2018

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War of narrative

Monitoring is important but govt should not view all I/NGOs as competitors to the state

Jun 11 2018

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Act without bias

As road contracts worth Rs3.86 remain incomplete, govt should punish all dawdlers

Jun 08 2018

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Out in the streets

Govt should employ proactive measures to control population of stray dogs in the Valley

Jun 07 2018

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Beyond symbolic inclusion

Caste based discrimination is the elephant in the room that cant be ignored anymore

Jun 06 2018

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