Rain drain

Relief efforts for flood victims have been deployed faster than they were during the 2015 earthquake; the Home Ministry has announced the deployment of more than 26,000 relief personnel, 8,000 of which are trained security forces.

Aug 16 2017

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Assess the situation fast

The torrential rain that triggered massive floods and landslides has inundated thousands of hectares of farmland in the southern Tarai belt, also known as the country’s food basket.

Aug 15 2017

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Troubled waters

Extreme rainfall over much of Nepal has caused significant damage and suffering these past few days. According to the Home Ministry, at least 32 people have been killed in floods and landslides this past month, and scores are missing.

Aug 14 2017

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Drawing lines

Kalapani is often lost in the chorus of centuries-old Nepal-India relations or in the din of Indian meddling

Aug 11 2017

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Human distress

Govt needs to do more to protect migrant workers in the Gulf region

Aug 10 2017

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Between right and wrong

While the negotiations to amend the Health Profession Education Bill have made headlines, a damaging report on Nepal Medical Council’s (NMC) recent licensing exam results has highlighted the need for strong and uncompromising regulations in the education sector as well.

Aug 09 2017

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Don’t let them escape

Nepal Oil Corporation, the state-owned petroleum monopoly, has made a mockery of the country’s laws by bypassing standard procedures whilst purchasing land to build fuel storage facilities in four different places.

Aug 08 2017

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Monsoon madness

Most places in the country have turned into massive infrastructure development sites. Due to dug-up roads and ditches, large swathes of the Capital have become almost unlivable. Each day, there are reports and photos in the press of people having to cross or drive through roads that have turned into muddy rivers.

Aug 07 2017

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To better protect

Amendments to Foreign Employment Act must be implemented to safeguard migrant workers

Aug 04 2017

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Politicians and profiteers

Fulfilling Dr KC’s demands would adversely affect financial interests of political leaders

Aug 03 2017

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Swine flu alert

Two confirmed deaths of patients from Waling, Syangja because of swine flu have been reported in Kathmandu this past week.

Aug 02 2017

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