Spay as you go

Proper measures need to be taken to control the population of stray dogs

Jan 20 2017

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Out of the box

The question of local elections is deeply intertwined with constitution amendment

Jan 19 2017

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Degree in midwifery

It’s a key step, but it should be accompanied by proper incentive mechanisms

Jan 18 2017

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Ramp up spending

That govt hasn’t acted, despite knowing pitfalls of low capital expenditure, is embarrassing

Jan 17 2017

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Crisis of confidence

Political negotiations over the constitutional amendment and the electoral process seem to have hit another roadblock.

Jan 16 2017

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Turnaround in tourism

Nepal needs to do more to improve on last year’s tourist arrival figures

Jan 13 2017

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Preparation is key

Information on specific impact of climate change on Nepal’s population has to be disseminated

Jan 12 2017

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Yearning to breathe free

Govt must demonstrate political will to tackle alarming air pollution

Jan 11 2017

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A momentous verdict

SC’s decision to disqualify Karki is a vital step in the fight against corruption

Jan 10 2017

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Continued aftershocks

Govt has to seriously look into how it is handling post-disaster reconstruction

Jan 09 2017

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A divided Maoist Centre

Will Bhattarai be able to bring the hill and the Madhes populations together?

Jan 06 2017

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