Watch your words

Online harassment is an epidemic that needs to be addressed more seriously

Dec 13 2018

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Missing the forest

Kathmandu Metropolitan City and the Social Development Ministry of Province 5 are devising a plan that will require all students, regardless of whether they attend public or private schools, to wear the same uniform.

Dec 12 2018

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Fault lines in federalism

Unless the concerns of the states are addressed, stagnancy will prolong

Dec 11 2018

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An age-old problem

Our senior citizens deserve better

Dec 10 2018

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I see you

Installing CCTV cameras on the streets demands accountability

Dec 07 2018

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A place to call home

Government must reconsider its stance against integrating Bhutanese refugees

Dec 06 2018

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Game theory

The government should closely monitor the reconstruction of the central stadium

Dec 05 2018

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Goodbye, Your Honour

The outgoing chief justice’s interest in particular cases seems unusual

Dec 04 2018

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Count them in

When the 2011 census was being conducted, one of the major issues faced by persons with disabilities was the lack of sensitivity from the enumerators. Shudarson Subedi,

Dec 03 2018

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Draw the line

State supporting events hosted by organisations accused of active religious conversion is unwarranted

Nov 30 2018

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Not worth the shot

In its latest illogical move to curb the rising incidents of rape in the country, the government has included a new target in its blame-game: alcohol. Last week, the government followed up their blanket ban on pornography by moving to control sales consumption and production of alcohol. It thinks access to pornography and alcohol consumption is the main reasons behind growing crime and rape cases.

Nov 29 2018

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