Quick sand

Stop illegal excavation of riverbeds, the consequences are severe and irreversible

Jan 19 2018

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Clearing the air

No longer choked by pollution, perhaps the Capital’s historical appeal will be rejuvenated

Jan 18 2018

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Prioritise capital spending

The government has failed to ramp up capital spending in the current fiscal year as well.

Jan 17 2018

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Circle of death

As we cross over towards the second half of January, Nepalis can be assured that the biting cold will slowly start to wane.

Jan 16 2018

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Come together

The country’s attention is on the left alliance, as the two parties within it—the CPN-UML and the CPN (Maoist Centre)—have not just won a massive victory in the federal elections but are also in a position to form governments in six out of the seven provinces.

Jan 15 2018

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Power to the people

Despite huge potential, Nepal fails to meet demands for electricity and turns to India for bail-out

Jan 12 2018

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Realm of rights

The primary responsibility for improving transitional justice lies with govt and parties

Jan 11 2018

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Contemptible actions

The Supreme Court (SC) acted in a hurry on Monday in ordering the arrest of Dr Govinda KC, who had made statements that the SC perceived as contempt of court.

Jan 10 2018

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Stop pampering banks

Banks and financial institutions are once again facing a severe shortage of funds that could be immediately disbursed as loans. This is the second consecutive year that the sector has encountered this problem.

Jan 09 2018

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The promulgation of the constitution and the holding of elections to all three tiers of government were meant to usher stability and peace into this land.

Jan 08 2018

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Cold shouldered

The vulnerable have to be protected from cold, as respite from winter is yet far-off

Jan 05 2018

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