Turn confusion into clarity

If all goes well, Prime Minister Dahal will soon start to clear the way for Deuba to head the government, now that the first phase of local elections is over.

May 22 2017

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Chasing the monsoon

We should build knowledge of changing climatic patterns and help farmers adapt to the changes

May 19 2017

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The great deal of China

Nepal finally took a decision to join China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) last week, and a memorandum between the two countries was signed in Kathmandu.

May 18 2017

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Walk this way

Pedestrian cooperation with the law is as important to maintain road safety as is the enforcement of traffic rules. Unfortunately, jaywalking is rampant on the roads of Kathmandu and other urban centres, leading to numerous traffic hazards.

May 17 2017

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Empower the grassroots

Local bodies must be able to formulate budgetary programmes on their own

May 16 2017

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Periodic polls

Elections in Nepal wear a festive look. The first phase of local elections yesterday was no exception. Other than decent turnout across the 34 districts, voters—women, men; youths, old-timers—showed great enthusiasm.

May 15 2017

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Nepal’s licence Raj

The telecom regulator can impose rigorous conditions to bar entry of unprofessional firms

May 12 2017

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Violence in the time of polls

Govt and security forces need to be alert, but constructive public engagement is best policing

May 11 2017

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Time to vote

With only four days to go for the first phase of the local level elections, campaigning is in full swing in Province 3, 4 and 6. As part of their electoral strategy, many aspiring candidates are visiting individual houses to solicit votes.

May 10 2017

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Ties in the age of Trump

There have been fears in Nepal that new US President Trump could live up to his electoral promise of disengagement from global issues.

May 09 2017

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Leading vs cheerleading

Last week was full of dramatic political events. It began with an impeachment motion filed against Chief Justice Sushila Karki.

May 08 2017

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