Charting a new course

KMC’s newly elected officials are making the right noise but these are still early days for them

Jun 23 2017

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Disaster unpreparedness

Monsoon is finally here. The period between June and early September, roughly lasting a hundred days, gets the most rainfall. It has defined the lives across Nepal and large parts of South Asia since time immemorial.

Jun 22 2017

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Playing with fire

After the 2015 earthquake, the safety of high-rise buildings has once again become a matter of public concern. But this time around, the concern emanates not from the possibility of an earthquake, but that of a fire.

Jun 21 2017

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Plug the loophole

Govt should remove controversial provision from the Tax Settlement Commission Act

Jun 20 2017

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Education of daughters

The results of the Secondary Education Examinations (SEE) are out, and they exhibit some worrying tendencies. When in 2015, the number of girls appearing for the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) outnumbered the boys for the first time,

Jun 19 2017

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Where wild things are

The government has recently doubled the compensation amount for human casualties and property damage caused by wild animals that venture out of protected areas.

Jun 16 2017

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A fine balance

Both RJP-N and govt should do their best to ensure broad participation in the polls and avoid violence

Jun 15 2017

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Monsoon, or later

For Nepalis, monsoon brings with it mixed feelings. While it brings joy to the hearts of our farmers and provides much-needed relief from summer’s sweltering heat to most of us, it can also be a source of mayhem.

Jun 14 2017

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Sheer negligence

On May 27, Captain Paras Rai and co-pilot Shreejan Manandhar of Goma Air lost their lives while trying to land the Czech-made LET L410 aircraft at Lukla airport.

Jun 13 2017

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Find common ground

Ruling coalition and RJP-N should continue with earnest negotiations to reach a compromise

Jun 12 2017

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Right of way

Huge infrastructural shortfalls make the Capital difficult for pedestrians to navigate

Jun 09 2017

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