In search of an election

A number of recent events in Nepali politics will likely have momentous consequences.

Apr 24 2017

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Comprehensive recovery

Initiatives to address quake survivors’ social vulnerability must be scaled up

Apr 21 2017

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Flying frustrations

Plans to ease Kathmandu’s air traffic congestion need urgent implementation

Apr 20 2017

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Fresh wounds

In a landmark ruling, a civilian court has convicted Army officials for the first time in Nepal’s judicial history.

Apr 19 2017

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Aid fragmentation

The Development Cooperation Report 2015-16 published on Sunday by the Ministry of Finance shows that aid agencies working in Nepal have not stopped scattering financial resources in smaller projects. Such fragmentation of financial assistance reduces aid effectiveness and raises transaction costs of projects.

Apr 18 2017

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Participatory politics

Less than a month remains before the scheduled date for local elections, and there are myriad problems that remain to be resolved. Some of these are logistical in nature.

Apr 17 2017

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The pariah problem

PM Dahal’s suggestion that discrimination against Dalits will end with federalism is too simplistic

Apr 14 2017

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Making the right noise

For Delhi, Prez Bhandari’s visit offers a great opportunity for right political messaging

Apr 13 2017

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Loathsome trade

Investigation should expose the dirty nexus involved in rhino poaching

Apr 12 2017

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Chitwan blues

Tourists have started tossing out the popular jungle safari destination of Chitwan from the list of must-visit destinations in Nepal because of road safety issues.

Apr 11 2017

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Zero hour

Election preparations have gathered momentum. The Election Commission is on track to complete preparations, although there have been delays in printing ballot papers for Provinces 2 and 5.

Apr 10 2017

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