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White clouds had blanketed the mountain peaks spread across the horizon when they reached the top. I heard them complaining, “Where are the damn mountains? Did we just climb all the way up here for nothing?”

Tushar Subedi, Oct 15 2017

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Homage to God

That day, as soon as we stepped out of the house, we sensed freedom. But the feeling was only short-lived. What lay immediately in front of us was insecurity and a long, long battle for dignity

Ayush Joshi, Oct 08 2017

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The Art of Tenderising Meat

“If we allow that human life can be governed by reason, the possibility of life is annihilated.” —Leo Tolstoy

Sandesh Ghimire, Sep 24 2017

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Love lost

When they first met, Kali was unsure about the friendship. She was scared and, probably, also scarred. She jumped on her feet to sneak away with her tail between her legs, when a scooter parked right in front of her.

Abha Dhital, Sep 17 2017

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Kot Parba: The Prelude

The house itself is rather squeezed-in, the way most Newar houses in the valley are, but the owner of the house is planning to expand the wings soon onto land recently wrested off of some pesky Jha Brahmans.

Dipesh Risal, Sep 10 2017

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A thousand cranes

One, two,, eight. Eight paper cranes of different colours lay on the floor, carefully placed side by side.

Sneha Bhatta, Sep 03 2017

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Blurred lines

The relationship, initially, came with no strings attached. They usually met over beer. They treated each rendezvous as a mere distraction—a diversion from their regular lives that required them to function as regular human beings.

Prarambha Dahal, Aug 24 2017

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Spilled milk

For fourty years, Maila Sahu had had more or less the same daily schedule. He woke up at six in the morning, went to the ghaat beside Shwet Barahi Temple to freshen up, said his prayers, went around the tole and came back home to start his day.

Jenish Maharjan, Aug 13 2017

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The ice machine

With clear intentions Kira starts packing up his bags. He knows it is definitely the right time to end it all, with a one-way ticket. It has been planned and thoroughly examined with nothing left to do.

Praak Rai, Aug 06 2017

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Fuzzy thing called love

Burche has begun to look frail again. He has shed a lot of weight since last month. He isn’t eating. The ribs are showing. Everything that goes inside, comes right back out.

Abha Dhital, Jul 30 2017

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Across the hills and far away

Kumal was merely fifteen when he was accosted one afternoon by his elder brother, who told him that a family in Kathmandu required his services.

Saurav Bikram Thapa, Jul 23 2017

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