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Rock bottom

Kali is no more.” It took Bini approximately one hour before she finally hit the ‘send’ button on her phone. She knew Arnab was going to be devastated. But she was not sure if he was ever going to forgive her for taking the life of the one being that meant the world to him.

Abha Dhital, Dec 17 2017

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A pair of eyes

Prisons have always fascinated me, perhaps because one only hears about what goes inside its high walls, but can’t really tell how much truth there is to it.

Sulochana Manandhar, Dec 03 2017

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Fireflies remind me of her. We had been laying there for a while under the shade of a maple tree. The grasses were thin and translucent, glowing in the sunlight.

Tushar Subedi, Nov 26 2017

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Dreams of an Evanescing Dew

Who are you, little i?” — e e cummings Nothing was more beautiful than what was yet to be.

Sandesh Ghimire, Nov 19 2017

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Mothers’ Day

It is mothers’ day and Shakuntala, who has just stepped into adolescence, is very excited. It is a big day for her. For the first time in her life, she’s buying her mother some sweets with her own money—the five rupees she’s been saving just for this day.

Sulochana Manandhar, Nov 12 2017

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The living nightmare

The alarm woke Neelima up just in time from a dream that she was seeing with her eyes wide open. The nights were only getting longer, while the days weren’t getting any better.

Aaswini Gupta, Nov 05 2017

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The horse that ran backwards

1:00. She woke up to realise her feet were cold. She’d forgotten to close the windows again. It felt like winter had arrived without any prior notice and she just wasn’t ready for it.

Abha Dhital, Oct 29 2017

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White clouds had blanketed the mountain peaks spread across the horizon when they reached the top. I heard them complaining, “Where are the damn mountains? Did we just climb all the way up here for nothing?”

Tushar Subedi, Oct 15 2017

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Homage to God

That day, as soon as we stepped out of the house, we sensed freedom. But the feeling was only short-lived. What lay immediately in front of us was insecurity and a long, long battle for dignity

Ayush Joshi, Oct 08 2017

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The Art of Tenderising Meat

“If we allow that human life can be governed by reason, the possibility of life is annihilated.” —Leo Tolstoy

Sandesh Ghimire, Sep 24 2017

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Love lost

When they first met, Kali was unsure about the friendship. She was scared and, probably, also scarred. She jumped on her feet to sneak away with her tail between her legs, when a scooter parked right in front of her.

Abha Dhital, Sep 17 2017

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