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The Hotel

The flight landed in Kathmandu on November 25, 1:00 am. I had come to Nepal to conduct my psychology research. I looked forward to meeting all kinds of people and learning about their inside-world.

Runa Maharjan, Feb 19 2017

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The right way to say ‘I’m sorry’

Most people say “I’m sorry” many times a day for a host of trivial affronts—accidentally bumping into someone or failing to hold open a door. These apologies are easy and usually readily accepted, often with a response like, “No problem.”

JANE E BRODY, Feb 16 2017

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Fragility of life

One day, back in 1990, I lost my mother to stroke. One of my relatives had come to get me during the lunch hour at school. When I reached home, I found my mother’s lifeless body on the floor, draped in a white fabric.

Tushar Subedi, Feb 12 2017

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A house in Kathmandu

They decided to move to Kathmandu when they realised their love could no more blossom back in the village.

LB Thapa, Feb 05 2017

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When the earth beneath me moved

The first time I discovered that my father cared for me immeasurably was when we went hiking together.

Santosh Kalwar, Jan 22 2017

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Into the abyss and back

It was a sunny morning in Pokhara when I called my wife to tell her that I was leaving for Jomsom.

Anusha Luitel, Jan 08 2017

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Kathmandu’s dust had taken a toll on him. His asthma had flared up the first day he landed at the airport.

Barsha Paudel, Jan 01 2017

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End is just a beginning

I have only few days in my hands before I become a completely new person, leading a completely new life. In no time I’ll get married and become somebody’s wife, and somebody’s daughter-in-law.

Shiva Bhusal, Dec 25 2016

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Sweet dreams

He was a ghost that wandered across town and observed everyday life by the day, and floated from one house to another, hunting for and feeding on dreams by the night.

Dixya Poudel, Dec 18 2016

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The black sweater

It was a perfect Saturday morning. Midwinter, the dewdrops lingered reluctantly on the windowpane, beside which sat Omi, on a cozy chair, by the fireplace, leafing through the crisp pages of her favourite novel.

Sneha Bhatta, Dec 11 2016

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Fumbling with words

Her dark, long hair sprawled on the floor as she sat draped in a red sari waiting for a client.

KUMAR SHARMA, Dec 04 2016

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