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It starts yonder, over the slopes of Chandragiri. Yonder to the West where Chandragiri with its majestic elephant head guards over our valley like a sentinel. Pluffywite clouds, scattered about but only yesterday, collude over the elephant head of Chandragiri, doing kanekhusi in a language we do not understand.

Dipesh Risal, Jun 25 2017

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Down the yellow road

It was raining outside when Kanchhi started drawing with the wind outside her window. The soft pellets of rain melting on her skin, the wind playing with her hair. The others on the bus were fast asleep as stars glittered across the night sky, Kanchhi was the only one awake and the child inside her wanted her to play in the rain.

Swati Shrestha, Jun 18 2017

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Mr Joshi, it looks like Sir is going to be tied down a little longer,” the lady at the reception barked out without taking her eyes away from a crossword she was working on.

SUMEDH MALLA, Jun 11 2017

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The Long Night

She woke up at 4am on the dot; her entire body drenched in sweat. Panting and flustered, she tried to wish away the dream she had just seen, but it clung on to her like the drenched pajamas she was wearing.


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Jung Bahadur desires a beautiful girl

Mannu Singh was dozing off as usual when the screams roused him. Annoyed, he pushed himself off the armchair and headed downstairs.

Dipesh Risal, May 28 2017

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Stop playing with my hair!” She screams at me, her face scrunched up into an aggregate of eyes and nostrils that I can’t help but find funny.

Ujjwal Prakash Khanal, May 21 2017

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Let the world spin madly on

It was only after he pointed out couple of years ago that she had noticed she really is compulsive in her own unapparent ways. There were certain (little) things that really bothered her.

Abha Dhital, May 07 2017

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New beginning

The room was a complete mess; a pile of clothes here on the couch, makeup kits there on the table, and clutter all over. The room was full of this and that, she’d never ever use again. Possibly.

Nirvana Shakya, Apr 30 2017

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The long goodbye

Goodbye, Dipen. Your wife and your family love you. You fought bravely. Sleep tight.”

Rojina Shrestha, Apr 23 2017

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The Profound Quest of the Young Prince

Pandit Bijayaraj has enjoyed a position of power at the Durbar for many years, thanks to his alliance with Sri 3 Maharaj Jung Bahadur Rana. But a seemingly minor encounter between Bijayaraj and his pupil Crown Prince Trailokya is about to unravel everything

Dipesh Risal, Apr 09 2017

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A confession

I used to be a Byronic hero plagued with melancholic and pensive temperance.

Saurav Bikram Thapa, Mar 26 2017

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