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The Harion Bazaar

On Saturdays, the otherwise quiet Harion bazaar springs into action. Packed into heavy trucks and congested buses, so many people from villages far and wide swarm in from all directions, typically in a frantic search for the right quality of ration for their families.

Biken K Dawadi, Mar 18 2018

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Master put a hand over his mouth and watched me. I let out a whimper. More than anything I wanted him to pat my head, murmur his love for me, give me a reason why I was brought to his home. Instead, he quietly shook his head, and left

Sakar Lama, Mar 11 2018

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Monsters and men

She didn't want to hide from her monster; she didn't want to run away from it. She wanted it in her plain sight

Abha Dhital, Feb 25 2018

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The interview

I had barely put my first step forward to ascend the stairs when I heard her voice, “Baba! Eh Baba!”

Sulochana Manandhar, Feb 18 2018

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One mad woman

Wearing a dress—which was torn in more places than one could care to count—using a rag as a muffler, and carrying a stick, the woman who lived alone on the hill was on her way to the city again.

Prakash Pradhananga, Feb 11 2018

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Jung Bahadur pardons an aspiring poet

A brahman sits in Kumari Chowk prison, accused of embezzling funds from Jung Bahadur’s Nepal. He makes a unique appeal to plead his case, an appeal that is appropriate for the tastes and sensibilities of Jung Bahadur and his brother Krishna Bahadur. It works

Dipesh Risal, Feb 04 2018

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His secret garden

Mali Dai’s upbeat nature always amused Maiya. He was a jolly man. He loved life. He perfectly suited his job. She couldn’t tell what he would do if not gardening.

Abha Dhital, Jan 28 2018

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In the name of love: The Rani Pokhari Story

Chakrawatendra Malla, giddy, nervous, too young to understand the powers he had just acquired, tried to walk confidently towards the elephant stable. He had mentally prepared himself for this day for years.

Dipesh Risal, Jan 14 2018

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Pushpa Miss

I didn’t. She had a familiar voice but there was no trace of her face in my memory. Other teachers in the staff room giggled as confusion painted my face.

Sulochana Manandhar, Jan 07 2018

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The unbearable light

What do we do?” she whispers as another train roars past us, flickering the faint light that falls on her tender face. As the final carriage disappears into darkness, the tremors start to ebb away, leaving us alone, yet again, in the dead silence of the night.

Sarans Pandey, Dec 31 2017

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Rock bottom

Kali is no more.” It took Bini approximately one hour before she finally hit the ‘send’ button on her phone. She knew Arnab was going to be devastated. But she was not sure if he was ever going to forgive her for taking the life of the one being that meant the world to him.

Abha Dhital, Dec 17 2017

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