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Drop in temperature may increase cardio-vascular disease risk

Several factors such as a drop in body temperature, decreased level of vitamin D in the body and an increase of blood viscosity may heighten the risk of cardio-vascular diseases during the winter season, an expert said on Tuesday.

IANS, Jan 10 2017

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Follow some morning rituals for healthy day

Beginning your day on the right note is extremely important and hence it is necessary to follow some basic rituals like looking sharp and sweating it out for that confidence.

IANS, Dec 20 2016

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Things to keep in mind for bridal shoe shopping

Keep the length of your outfit in mind and choose comfort over style when you go on bridal shoe shopping spree, says an expert.

IANS, Dec 18 2016

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Make your wardrobe timeless with some classic pieces

A timeless wardrobe is created with a selection of carefully curated statement pieces. From embellished halter to embroidered long silk jacket, these silhouettes not only exude luxury but also defeat time, says an expert.

IANS, Dec 16 2016

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Beauty hacks for winter wedding

Amongst all the bridal make-up tips, getting your skin to look healthy and glowing on the wedding day is very important. Simply taking care of it a week before the day is not enough. Your skin needs time to take in nourishment and treatments, says an expert.

IANS, Nov 27 2016

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Checklist for skin care during winter season

Befriend a moisturiser, use face oils and avoid excessive exfoliation to get a natural glow despite the chill in the air.

IANS, Nov 07 2016

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Shoe care tips for monsoon

All the sudden downpours can wreak havoc on your footwear. It is important to keep a few things in mind for keeping your shoes away from woes as prevention is better than cure, says an expert.

IANS, Jul 04 2016

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Make-up earns men's admiration, women's jealousy

Men think women who wear make-up on are more "prestigious", while women think women with make-up on are more "dominant", reveals new research.

IANS, Jun 26 2016

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How to fix bad hair days

Play it up, add curls or try dry shampoo to get rid of bad hair days.

IANS, May 25 2016

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Certain people with depression may benefit from exercise

Exercise can help people with certain genetic traits lower depressive symptoms more, says a new study.

IANS, Apr 28 2016

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Easy home hacks to remove summer tan

Tanning is the most common occurence during summer season and getting rid of it could be a gargantuan task. Use home remedies such as cucumbers, papaya, tomatoes to get rid of tan without burning or effecting the skin, says an expert.

IANS, Apr 11 2016

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