Police in Kathmandu and Itahari tried to obstruct access to justice

A staggering number of rape cases have been registered with the police in Kathmandu, Chitwan, Jhapa, Sunsari and Khotang. On average, 78 rape charges are registered with the police every month.

Feb 12 2018

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Left alliance govt will neither be pro-China, pro-India; it will be pro-Nepal

Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s visit to Kathmandu last week comes at a time when the left alliance of the CPN-UML and the CPN (Maoist Centre) is set to form a new government.

Feb 05 2018

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Amendments can happen, provided that they are justified

Even as the left alliance have forged an agreement to share positions at the provincial assemblies and governments, they are yet to come to a consensus regarding the sharing of seats at the federal level.

Jan 29 2018

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Only 25 percent of current civil servants should remain at the Centre

As Nepal comes closer to a federal form of government, new challenges have emerged in the division of civil service into three levels of government.

Jan 22 2018

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Time has come to form expert panel to recommend reforms in judiciary

The controversy over the verdicts made by the Supreme Court, and by Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli, have resurfaced after activist Dr Govinda KC launched a hunger-strike demanding Parajuli’s resignation and investigation in to his allegedly forged academic and citizenship certificates.

Jan 15 2018

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Legal frameworks essential to remove operational barriers to fiscal federalism

Nepal has officially embarked on the road to realising a fully federal system of governance. With the change in state structure, there is also a need to bring fiscal federalism into operation.

Jan 08 2018

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Interview Krishna Khanal: Left alliance energised voters but their vote wasn’t for a single party

In 2017, Nepal witnessed the completion of three levels of elections that will help it move out of the transition phase into a federal democratic republic.

Jan 01 2018

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In the transition phase, the party would be led by a joint leadership

The completion of the provincial and parliamentary elections has resulted in an overwhelming victory for the left alliance.

Dec 25 2017

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The understanding is that if UML leader is Premier, MC leader is party chief, and vice versa

How does the CPN (Maoist Centre) view the landslide win in the recent federal parliament and provincial assembly elections?

Dec 18 2017

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Interview with Shyam Shrestha: This leftist electoral alliance will move towards unification

Shyam Shrestha is a highly respected left-leaning thinker who earlier was the editor of Mulyankan Monthy, a magazine that provides a widely followed forum for leftist and democratic debate.

Dec 11 2017

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Transitional justice cases will not be swept under the rug

The decade-long civil conflict resulted in a huge number of human rights abuses, forced disappearances, and civilian deaths. It has been 11 years since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Accords (CPA),

Dec 04 2017

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