Longer the delay in spending available funds, harder it will be to secure new funds

Last Wednesday, the government sacked Sushil Gyewali as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) after it found the two clarifications he furnished about delays in post-earthquake rebuilding works unsatisfactory.

Jan 16 2017

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Local bodies won’t be sustainable if they cannot generate revenue

Ten months after its formation, the Local Level Restructuring Commission (LLRC) has finally submitted its report to the prime minister on Friday.

Jan 09 2017

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Parliament should be allowed to exercise its sovereign right

Amid strong opposition from the main opposition CPN-UML and some other parties, the government is all set to table the constitution amendment bill in Parliament.


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Certain issues in diplomatic practice require sensitive handling

Nepal’s handling of diplomacy has come under criticism, most recently after the concurrent visits last week of the Chinese and the Mongolian delegates.

Dec 26 2016

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It’s extremely difficult to stabilise Nepal without managing geopolitics properly

Little progress has been made on the constitution amendment bill that the government registered in Parliament Secretariat on November 29 and that it plans to table for parliamentary deliberations today, a move the CPN-UML has already threatened to block.

Dec 19 2016

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Federalism is more suited to a country of such diversity like Nepal

The government recently tabled a constitution amendment bill in Parliament in an effort to make the constitution broadly acceptable, particularly to take into confidence the Madhesi Morcha,

Dec 12 2016

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Nepal can be Brussels of South Asia

On November 21, 2006, the Nepal government and the then rebels, the CPN (Maoist), signed the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) that ended the country’s decade-long armed conflict.

Dec 05 2016

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Maoists started problematic discourse on federalism based on ethnicities

With the government planning on tabling a constitution amendment motion in Parliament soon and the CPN-UML and others likely to protest it strongly,

Nov 28 2016

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Minimum demands of Madhesis, though fringe forces, should be met

The government has been making preparations to table a constitution amendment proposal in Parliament within this week.

Apekshya Shah Rana, DEWAN RAINov 21 2016

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From now on, Nepalis will be wary of using Indian notes

As part of his government’s fight against corruption and terror financing, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi shocked the nation on November 8 by announcing that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) was going to demonetise Rs500 and Rs1,000 Indian currency (IC) notes.

Nov 14 2016

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‘I didn’t meet any Tibetan leader in Goa’

You met Indian PM Narendra Modi. What were the key matters of discussion?

Post Report, Nov 09 2016

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