‘We may have been a weak opposition last year; we need to learn from our mistakes’

No matter what differences we have within the party on various issues, the entire party is united when it comes to fighting against an autocratic system: Shekhar Koirala

Avasna Pandey, May 22 2019

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There is an immense scope for opportunities in travel tourism and sector in Nepal: Ramesh Poudel

In this interview with Krishana Prasain, Poudel discusses the current situation for workers and employment opportunities in the travel and tourism sector. With more than two decades’ experience, Poudel lays out the basic skills required to make it in the travel industry.


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Ajaya Shah: To attract millenials, banks need to think and act differently

Banking comes with its own sets of challenges, and new entrants should know what they are getting into. To help young people get into banking, Krishana Prasain spoke to Ajaya B Shah, CEO of Laxmi Bank, on what banks look for in potential employees and what applicants can do to get themselves into the banking sector.

Post Report, Apr 28 2019

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America would never ask a friend or partner to choose between itself and another country: US Ambassador to Nepal

In a joint interview with The Kathmandu Post and Kantipur daily last week, Berry said that the United States was largely focused on three things in Nepal: deepening democratic principles and practices along with inclusive transparent governance; long-term economic growth and prosperity for Nepalis; and encouraging Nepal to push further in exercising its independence and national sovereignty.

Post Report, Apr 15 2019

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Books are pathways to understanding life

Bhupeen, the poet known primarily for his powerful performances, is a university lecturer by profession But in the decades since he started writing poetry, he has published three collections—Kshatigrasta Prithvi ra Mool Sadak, Hajar Barshako Nidra, and Suplako Hawaijahaj

Apr 13 2019

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Suraj Gurung: A good cocktail is about balance in flavour

I create the cocktail menu and train staff on how to execute and run the bar.

Pranaya SJB Rana, Mar 29 2019

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The government didn’t do its homework before the investment summit: Ram Sharan Mahat

In an interview with the Post, former Finance Minister Mahat says some of the acts brought to attract foreign investment are questionable, and that the China-Nepal-India railway corridor would not have been on his immediate priority list.


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Will the new Acts help—or hurt—foreign direct investment in Nepal?

The Post’s Mukul Humagain talked with some of the stakeholders who deal with FDI to know whether the new laws address investors' concerns, whether they will entice them into investing in Nepal and whether they are on a par with regional standards.


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We'll tell investors that legal and institutional reforms have been made: Maha Prasad Adhikari

‘Investors make investment only when they see good returns. If we look at Nepal's history, foreign investors who've invested here have been getting good returns on their investments. This attraction will remain there if we back this process up with a sound legal and institutional regime.’


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Alicia Partnoy: All we can rescue of our humanity is in our art

Alicia Partnoy is currently in Kathmandu for the adaptation of her memoir into a play—being put on by One World Theatre from March 9-17 at Kausi Theatre in Teku. In a conversation with Pranaya SJB Rana, Partnoy spoke about writing, memory and the pursuit of justice.

Pranaya SJB Rana, Mar 05 2019

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This government has been ineffective not because of incompetence, but because of its design: CK Lal

The Post’s Mukul Humagain spoke with CK Lal, a political analyst and columnist, about Oli’s first year in office and a wide range of issues ranging from his government’s performance, foreign policy conduct and Nepal’s political fault lines.

Mar 05 2019

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