Nepal needs the PR electoral system until we achieve inclusiveness that renders PR unnecessary

Under your tenure as Chief Election Commissioner, the country held the historic CA election in 2008. Why, in your opinion, are these elections important?

Nov 20 2017

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I don’t see Modi, Lee Kwan Yew, Mahathir as Authoritarian rulers

The only Nepali listed as a billionaire by Forbes magazine, Binod Chaudhary has developed a massive business empire that spans 120 countries—mainly in the snack and beverage, hotel and real estate sectors.

Nov 13 2017

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The EC constantly shifts positions and buckles under pressure

With the provincial assembly and federal parliament elections scheduled for November 26 and December 7, the Election Commission (EC) has had to scramble to re-print ballot papers according to the Supreme Court’s (SC) mandate.

Nov 06 2017

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The Supreme Court has ruled that the Election Commission (EC) has to provide clarification for using one ballot paper for federal parliamentary and provincial assembly polls less than a month away from the first phase of said elections.

Oct 30 2017

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If parties allow human rights problems to fester, new issues will crop up

With a lamentable performance in regards to the transitional justice process, Nepal has already attracted criticism for its approach to the post-conflict regime and overall human rights issues.

Oct 23 2017

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NC, Maoists should remain key partners until the peace process is complete

In the wake of the announcement of the leftist electoral alliance between CPN-Maoist Centre, CPN-UML and Naya Shakti Party Nepal, Nepali Congress (NC) scrambled to put together an opposing Democratic electoral alliance.

Oct 16 2017

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Political stability will be the top election agenda of the left alliance

The recent electoral alliance between the CPN-UML, CPN (Maoist Centre) and Naya Shakti Party Nepal had been a largely unforeseen and certainly unprecedented move by the leftist forces of Nepal. Cornered,

Oct 09 2017

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Nepali voters viewed local elections as historic and hence a high turnout

The Election Commission has received flak for being unable to reprimand political parties for violating the election code of conduct and being biased towards the government,

Sep 25 2017

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Despite setbacks, the implementation of the constitution is commendable

Nepal marks the second anniversary of the constitution promulgation on Tuesday. Despite the failure of two constitutional amendments and the dissatisfaction of Madhesi-parties,

Sep 18 2017

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'Madhesi rights movement will continue even though RJP-N has entered elections'

Conducting polls before the constitutional mandated time of January 2018 is viewed as a major step in legitimising Nepal’s new constitution. Agitating Madhes based parties too have agreed to participate in the elections, starting with Phase 3 of the local level elections in Province 2.

Sep 11 2017

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CDC was given unrealistic 21-day deadline for constituency delimitation

The five-member Constituency Delimitation Commission (CDC) belatedly came out with a report on delineating electoral constituencies for the upcoming provincial and national elections,

Sep 04 2017

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