Lawmakers shouldn’t serve on parliamentary committees if there’s conflict of interest

Dr Govinda KC, currently on his 12th fast-unto-death, is protesting against amendments to a health reform Bill that would essentially weaken one of the main recommendations of the report published by the Mathema Committee; to ban the establishment of more medical colleges inside Kathmandu Valley.

Aug 14 2017

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Nepal’s preparedness to mitigate cloudburst effects is below average: Upadhyay

There is prediction for cloudburst in different parts of the country. TKP online talked about cloudburst phenomenon with watershed practitioner and climate change expert Madhukar Upadhya.

Post Report, Aug 12 2017

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Nepali society will rise to ensure justice

Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 7 million people, campaigning for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all. It has long been working in Nepal defending for human rights, rule of law and freedom of expression.

Aug 10 2017

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Politicians hand-pick bureaucrats so that they can work together for personal gain

Recently, a number of incidents have revealed the troubling levels of corruption and collusion that are currently plaguing Nepal, resulting in poor state of governance.

Aug 07 2017

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Elections should, and will, take place whether or not RJP-N is on board

More than a month and a half after he was appointed to the top executive post, Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba finally expanded his Cabinet last week.

Post Report, Jul 31 2017

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It’s easy to organise protests; the harder part is getting things done

Sumana Shrestha’s work for Medication for Nepal has gained praise from the likes of Barack Obama.

Jul 24 2017

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Only organic development can resolve societal contradictions

Nepal’s huge diversity arguably makes it difficult to govern well. The new constitution is supposed to accommodate the aspirations of its diverse communities.

Jul 17 2017

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[INTERVIEW Krishna Hachhethu] UML wants early polls as it has done well; NC wants to defer them for same reason

The main opposition CPN-UML has fared remarkably well in the second phase of the local elections, winning about 45 percent of the local units. Now all eyes are set on the third phase of local polls in Province 2, which is scheduled for September 18.

Jul 10 2017

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Himalayas aren’t as strong as Alps; we should know challenges they pose

For a largely agrarian economy like Nepal’s, monsoon is a lifeline. But for many Nepalis, monsoon is also a source of mayhem, as it causes floods and landslides. There have already been a few fatalities this year.

Jul 03 2017

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TSC wasn’t formed to exempt companies from paying taxes

Recently, the Tax Settlement Commission has been surrounded with controversy regarding the exemption of taxes worth Rs21 billion. Mukul Humagain spoke with Vidhyadhar Mallik,

Jun 26 2017

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People of all political orientation in Province 2 want elections

In a bid to bring the agitating Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal (RJP-N) on board the election process, the government last week decided to postpone the local level polls in Province 2 for September 18.

Jun 19 2017

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